First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience is required of all students entering with fewer than 30 credits of transferable college-level work.

  • FYEP 101: Writing Seminar (4 credit hours); must be taken in Fall or Spring (unless appropriate writing course previously taken at another college)
  • FYEP 190: Inquiry Seminar (4 credit hours); must be taken in either Fall, January, or Spring
  • January Term – must take a 4 credit January Term class

Admission Requirements

Mathematics: Two years of college prep mathematics, C average or better.

Foreign Language: Two years of one foreign language, C average or better.

General Education Program

Engaging Arts and Performance (8)

Art, Music, or Theatre, AR (4)
Physical Activity, PE (4): Four activity courses, including PHED 100: Personalized Fitness Program

Interpreting Living Traditions for a Humane FutureĀ  (16)
Literature, LT (4)
Philosophy, PH (4)
Religion, RC & RG (8): One course from Christian
Traditions, RC, and one course from Global Religious
Traditions, RG
Language Study

Exploring Nature and Number (12)
Mathematical Reasoning, MR (4)
Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, or Mathematics, NS (4)
Science & Scientific Method (4)

Investigating Human Behavior, Culture, & Institutions (8)
Two courses from different disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, History, Political
Science, Psychology, Social Work, or Sociology

Encountering Perspectives on Diversity (8)
Alternative Perspectives, A (4): May simultaneously fulfill another General Education Requirement
Cross-Cultural Perspectives, C (4): May simultaneously fulfill another General Education Requirement

Producing & Presenting Culminating Project, SR (2-4)

International Honors Program (28 credit hours total)

  • IHON 111/112 (190): Historical Origins of our Contemporary World (8 credit hours), to be taken in the first year
  • 200-level IHON courses: A selection of four courses that focus on contemporary world issues, generally to be taken sophomore and junior year.
  • 300-level IHON course: A thematic and values-based final course (4 credit hours)