Registration Timeline

October 23: J-term and Spring 2021 schedule available 

October 23 – November 9: Advising Weeks (students should meet with their advisor)

November 9 – 20: Registration (See your Banner Self-Service account for your registration appointment time)

New to Registration 2020

To encourage appropriate social distancing, all registration activities for the J-term and Spring 2021 semesters will be done online using resources provided by the Center for Student Success. We want to remind all students to contact their faculty advisor first if they have declared their major. In addition, students can meet with a Student Success Advisor (click here) virtually to review any unmet requirements, help plan out the next semester(s), and answer any how to/process/hold questions. In addition, students are encouraged to use Advising Guides for their major.

If students encounter errors they should contact their advisor. Students who need permission to register for a course should contact the course instructor. Only the course instructor can override a course restriction (e.g. prerequisites, instructor permission, course capacity, time conflict, etc). If students are feeling overwhelmed by the process, the CSS will have drop-in advisors available throughout registration and they can help you get registered! Remember – advisors cannot override holds on your account.

If you would like to request all online courses for the Spring semester, please complete this form.

Registration Resources

You can access all course offerings through Banner (Course Schedule) or through the link above. If you are searching for certain courses that meet General Education requirements, then you must select the appropriate Attribute and check the box below that says “Show all subjects with matching attribute.”

When you are ready to register (after you have met with your advisor and decided on classes), use the links above to walk you through the process of registering. Have all CRNs ready when you are registering.

This weekly worksheet includes time slots for most classes. Note: many labs and late night classes do not fit in the schedule blocks. When creating your schedule, you should print a copy of this and fit in all classes to ensure they do not overlap.

Your CAPP report will show you all of the classes that you have taken and what they count for toward your degree. The report will also show which classes you still need to take to earn your degree. If you would like to explore how your different classes would fit into a different major or look at different degree requirements, you can scroll to the bottom of your CAPP report and create a “What If” report.

Before registering for Fall semesters, all students must submit the payment agreement annually.

  1. Go to Banner Self-Service
  2. Log in with your PLU ID and ePass
  3. Choose Student Services
  4. Choose Payment Agreement (Required Annually)
  5. Review and complete the entire agreement
  6. Choose SUBMIT my Financial Agreement
  7. Submit