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Independent International Travel

If you plan to travel abroad on an independent program (not a Wang Center program) that meets any of these categories, you must complete the process as described below.

Independent International Travel is defined as:

  1. Funded by PLU
  2. Used to meet a PLU degree requirement and/or
  3. For PLU credit*

*Only students who plan to earn Independent Study Credit must complete the registration components of these instructions. All other requirements apply to all three categories of independent travel.

NOTE: If you are pursuing an international internship, contact Dawn Rinehart in Career Connections (intern@plu.edu)

Š Verify that the destination does not have a current US State Department Travel Warning; PLU does not support travel to areas with an active Travel Warning.


Š Schedule an appointment with Sue Liden, Director of Risk Management, to request the required forms and review PLU’s international travel insurance coverage (lidensj@plu.edu)

Š Submit Required Forms as indicated no later than the last day of the term before the proposed independent travel:

_ Submit an online Independent Travel Registration itinerary

_ Submit PLU Statement of Responsibility and Authorization form to Sue Liden

_ Submit Health Form for Travel to Sue Liden (appointment with medical provider required; may be completed at the PLU Health Center)

_ Submit a Risk Management Plan to Sue Liden

_ If registering for PLU credit, complete an Independent Study Abroad Registration Form

Š Register for STEP