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Rental Vehicles

Enterprise Rental Process.

To set up a rental vehicle account with Enterprise/National, please click here.

When renting in the United States DO NOT purchase rental company auto insurance.

When renting outside of the United States, you MUST purchase rental company auto insurance.

PLU’s auto insurance covers PLU certified drivers while renting vehicles for PLU sponsored activities.

Who do I contact if I am involved in an automobile accident while driving a rental vehicle on PLU business?

Always call police to the scene of the accident. Get the other driver’s full name, driver’s license number, personal phone and address and insurance company contact information. Provide the other driver with PLU’s address: Administrative Services, Tacoma, WA 98447, phone: 253-535-7121 and insurance company information: Travelers 1-800-832-7839, policy number TJ-CAP-7438L10-9-TIL-11 Contact Campus Safety to report the accident, 253-535-7441. Complete the Accident/Incident Report Form. Notify your department and Administrative Services.