Brandon Bruan

Associate Director of Admission

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  • M. Ed. (candidate), Central Washington University
  • B.A., History, Seattle University, 2008
  • B.A., Humanities, Matteo Ricci College at Seattle University, 2008



Guam, Mariana Islands and American Samoa

International Students attending U.S. High Schools


Hometown: Seattle, WA

What’s one thing every prospective PLU student should know?
At PLU students are allowed to discover who they are and develop their own identity. There are many clubs and organizations where you can express yourself and share your talents. Your first year in college will be a unique and exciting experience.

What do you like about living in the Northwest?
I have lived in Washington my entire life. Washington has everything that you could want. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is unparalleled. The diversity of music, culture and food are all amazing and integral parts that make Washington a great place to call home. There are many places that I have not explored in Washington and I am ready for an adventure.


  • I am involved with the Filipino Community of Seattle and various Community Development Organizations. Other than my community volunteer work, I enjoy playing golf, grilling on the BBQ and working on my classic Mustang.