Rachel Reaves

Admission Counselor

  • Professional
  • Biography
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  • B.A., Communication, Pacific Lutheran University, 2016


Central & Eastern Washington

Idaho, Montana


Hometown: Missoula, MT

What’s one thing every prospective student should know about PLU?
PLU is a place where people say hello, hold the door open for you, and ask how your day is going…even if you’re strangers. The community is genuine, your professors will get to know your name, and above all else, it is a place of self-discovery. Also, I found that a good rain jacket and sturdy rain boots might become your most appreciated items in your closet. Although it doesn’t rain as much as you might think it does in the PNW, you never know when a perfectly sunny day could bring a light sprinkle of rain.

What do you like about living in the Northwest?
Coming from Montana, I was ready for winters that are a bit more tame. All four seasons are beautiful, the outdoor opportunities are endless, and it feels like each town or city has it’s own personality – it’s the perfect recipe for adventure!


  • I love exploring new towns. Saying that I get excited about finding a cool hole-in-the-wall shop would be an understatement. I frequent coffee shops a little too often, but it's my excuse to dog-ear a few more pages in whatever book I'm reading. I also spend my time in the great outdoors - hiking in the summer is definitely a hobby. So, if you have any suggestions for a new coffee shop to try, or hikes to put on my bucketlist, don't hesitate to share!