Hiro Kuroiwa-Lewis

Director of International Admission

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Office Location:Harstad Hall - Room 112

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  • M.A., Higher Education, University of Arizona


International First-year and Transfer Students.


Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

What do you like about living in the Northwest?
Having grown up by the Pacific Ocean, I love to live where I can smell the sea and watch seagulls flying above me. Also, the Pacific Northwest is a one of a kind place where many cultures of the Pacific Rim countries meet and form a diverse and unique new culture.

How is PLU different from other universities?
I graduated from a large state flagship university in Arizona, and I can really tell the difference between PLU and the state universities. PLU is small enough that you can actually participate and engage in classroom activities (rather than just listening to lectures). At the same time, PLU is large enough that you can pursue both liberal arts and professional subjects and enjoy various campus life programs and amenities that large state universities may have.


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