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Loana Kaja

International Student Admission Intern

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  • Psychology, with a minor in Sociology, Pacific Lutheran University


International students from Japan, Americans Abroad


Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

What are you involved in?
Intern in the Office of Admission,Concert Band, Saxophone Quartet

What do you like most about PLU?
I like the openness and the diversity of the campus. Since PLU celebrates diversity, it’s been an experience for me to meet people from different backgrounds. The Global Student Club has introduced me to people from different countries, and I’ve learned a lot of new things from them. I also enjoy studying in small classes; it’s really nice to be in a class where the professor knows me by name. The professors at PLU have office hours where they can answer any questions that students may have, and I have definitely found that to be helpful.

What do you do for the Admission office?
I am a student intern for the Admission Office. I send out emails and call students who are applying or interested in applying to PLU, and I enter data and answer questions regarding the application process. I also help plan campus tours and events for community colleges in the area.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to incoming students?
Try to join the clubs that you’re interested in, but don’t over-commit yourself. I was really overwhelmed at first because there are so many opportunities for students to join different clubs and organizations. Remember that you do need time to work on homework and reading for classes, and most important of all you need sleep.