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Time & Money Well-Spent

Choosing a university is among the most important, most life-shaping investments you will ever make. And not just for you – for your entire family. Think hard. Take your time. And remember that value is more than just money spent, value is what you get for your money. Given that PLU offers academically rigorous classes, a supportive campus community unlike any other, and preparation for success in the world – you’ll find it is time and money well-spent.

At PLU, an outstanding educational experience is only the beginning – the benefits last a lifetime. Today, more than 3,100 current students and some 40,000 alumni have found that PLU is a valuable investment. We think you will, too.

The value of a PLU education is different from other colleges and universities. To be sure, there are many private colleges that cost far more than PLU. There are dozens of less expensive options, too. But the question “How much is this going to cost?” represents only part of your decision.

We think there’s a more important question to ask: “What do you want to accomplish during your college years and beyond?”

That’s why we believe in the things that make PLU so unique – the student-faculty interaction, the opportunity to get hands-on experience, the chance to get the classes you need, when you need them. We also know that college is about experiences and relationships, both in and out of the classroom. At PLU, you will find this, and more. You will be challenged. You will have support. And because of this, PLU students find success – any way you choose to define it.

This is why students just like you have found that PLU is an affordable investment. More than 90 percent of PLU students receive some form of financial aid, and many students find that, once these factors are figured in, their cost to attend PLU is comparable to the many other institutions they may consider. Given all that PLU offers, that’s value.

For this reason, we’d like to invite you to work through the financial aid process with us. Ask a lot of questions. Know that we are here to help. We think you will like the results.

Financial Aid Checklist
  • Apply for Admission. You must be admitted to the university before receiving a scholarship or financial aid award.
  • Check deadlines for Regents’, President’s and Artistic Merit scholarships.
  • Submit the FAFSA. Offers of financial aid will be sent on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants will be considered for maximum funding if FAFSA is received by March 1.
  • Watch your mail and respond promptly to any additional requests.

We want to help. Please feel free to call or e-mail the admission office.

  • 800-274-6758
  • 253-535-7151
  • admission@plu.edu

Or visit these financial aid Web sites online: