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PLU Equivalency Guides

The Registrar’s Office evaluates all transfer records and provides advising materials designed to assist students in the completion of university requirements. Undergraduate students who attend other regionally-accredited colleges or universities may have credits transferred to Pacific Lutheran University according to the policies and procedures outlined in the most current catalog.

Equivalency Guides

Interactive Equivalency Guide

Equivalency Guides (not available in the interactive guide)

Important things to remember when transferring courses:
  • Credits from quarter-hour colleges or universities transfer on a two-thirds equivalency basis.  One quarter hour is equal to .67 semester hours.  For example, a 5 quarter hour course transfers as 3.33 semester hours.
  • Transfer courses must be a minimum of 3 semester hours to fulfill a PLU GenEd element.  This means that a 4 quarter hour transfer course will not completely fulfill a GenEd element.
  • The Pacific Lutheran University grade point average reflects PLU work only.  A student’s grade point average cannot be improved by repeating a course elsewhere.  If a student wishes to repeat a PLU course for a better grade, the course must be repeated at PLU.
  • Courses from community and technical colleges do not transfer as upper-division credits, regardless of their equivalent course at PLU. The courses may be used in majors/minors if applicable, but won’t count in overall upper-division totals.

Choosing an Equivalency Guide

The Registrar’s Office is currently migrating equivalency guides to a more dynamic format. Please check the new Interactive Equivalency Guide for your school. New schools are being added this winter and spring 2014, beginning with Washington State community and technical colleges.

If the Interactive Guide doesn’t have the school you’re looking for, please refer to our list of equivalency guides. Here you can also find transfer information for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), a complete list of Washington common courses, and a guide to the Washington 45.

**All equivalency guides are intended for reference, are subject to change, and do not constitute an official evaluation. Academic departments determine the transferability of courses into their programs.**