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Veterans Intent Form

Statement of Understanding
1. For Chapters 30, 35, 1606, 1607: Tuition and fees are to be paid by the student according to the dates found in the course schedule. 2. I understand that it is my obligation to notify the Certifying Official in the Student Veterans Resource Center when I make changes in the program for which I am certified: adds, drops, withdrawals, or changes of major. I understand that my certification will not be processed until this form is returned to the Student Veterans Resource Center. 3. I will insure that the classes I am taking are required in my program. I understand that I must make satisfactory progress toward graduation. 4. I give my permission for the Certifying Official to disclose my grades and progress to the necessary agencies. 5. I understand that grades of N, W, *, I, F may result in a reduced payment from the VA 6. I understand that classes scheduled to meet for less than or more than the normal semester dates may be paid at a different rate based on the number of credits and the length of the class. 7. I understand that the VA will hold me responsible for any overpayment of my educational benefits.

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