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What Does It Mean to be Lutheran?

PLU offers a learning environment where all aspects of the human condition are open to exploration and discussion. The principles of Lutheran higher education, which the great reformer Martin Luther established in the 16th century, form the very basis of higher education across the world today. Luther’s ideas made all universities better by calling for rigorous questioning of prevailing opinions and beliefs, for protecting freedom for scholars and students to seek the truth wherever it might lead and for education for all people.

PLU subscribes to Luther’s call to care for all of creation, so environmental stewardship is in our DNA. Luther also called for research and learning in community. We learn with our students in a close-knit living and learning environment, and through civic engagement and service in the communities around us.

Luther also stressed the importance of universities in helping students discover how to lead lives that matter. At PLU, we help you figure out what matters to you—your vocational calling—and we help you choose a life path that makes a difference in your career, in your personal and civic life, and in the world you inhabit.

All people in the PLU community are encouraged to study, think and talk about religion and spirituality—even atheism—as part of the free and open pursuit of the truth wherever it might  lead. PLU doesn’t just welcome, but actively seeks out students from every possible background—all religions, all races, all ethnic groups, all socioeconomic groups, all sexual orientations, from all over the world. We seek social justice and leadership opportunities for everyone.

Our Lutheran roots compel us to search for truth. So bring your faith, your doubt, your conscience and your intellect to PLU.

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

PLU students have a uniquely broad idea of what it means to be successful. How about you?