Learning Together

After beginning a career or graduate studies, our graduates often point to one person at PLU who had a profound influence on their intellectual development. Invariably, it’s a professor. And in many cases, it’s more than just one. It’s a result of what we call learning together.

At PLU, you’ll have very few large lecture classes, and all classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants. Most of your time in class will be close-up, hands-on, working with your professors and fellow classmates. This ability to work closely with faculty is something undergraduate students at most universities–large or small–do not experience. PLU professors are role models who know that it isn’t just what you learn, but how you learn. They work with you in the classroom, in the laboratory, in the performance hall, in the field–and they help you one-on-one. They are mentors who help you discover the professional opportunities in your academic field, and they are colleagues who work side-by-side with you on research and creative projects.

No matter what you plan to do after you earn your PLU degree, you’ll have gained the experience that employers and graduate programs want.