Rachel Reaves


Admission Counselor

Rachel is a native Montanan who now proudly calls Tacoma her home. She loves exploring new towns. Getting excited about finding a cool hole-in-the-wall shop would be an understatement. She frequents coffee shops, a little too often, but it’s her excuse to dog-ear a few more pages in whatever book she’s reading. She loves the great outdoors – hiking in the summer is definitely a hobby. So, if you have any suggestions for a new coffee shop to try, or hikes to put on her bucket list, don’t hesitate to share them with her!

Graduated from: Pacific Lutheran University
Major: Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations
Minor: Religion

Easy conversation starters:

  • I love Tacoma! I can ramble off my Top 10 Tacoma To-do’s in less than ten seconds.
  • I’ve been to 14 countries and counting.
  • I’m obsessed with my home state of Montana.


Finding the perfect photo angle
Budgeting her coffee purchases
Office Decorating