Office of Admission

Division of Humanities

Students walking out of Xavier building

Sharing a central concern about language, literature and world views, the departments of English, languages and literatures, philosophy, and religion form the Division of Humanities.

Division of Natural Sciences

Rieke with the moon PLU

The Division of Natural Sciences prepares its students for careers as science professionals and provides all PLU students a foundation in scientific awareness.

Division of Social Sciences


Through classroom learning and applied settings such as supervised internships, students in the Division of Social Sciences acquire an understanding of society while developing the analytical tools to provide solutions to diverse social problems.

School of Arts and Communication

School of Business

Morken Center for Learning & Technology

Recognizing that we live in a diverse and increasingly globalized society, the School of Business develops leaders who have effective communication and critical thinking skills. PLU business students learn the way business really operates through integrated coursework that builds on subjects such as marketing, production management, human resource management, accounting, operations, technology and strategic management.

School of Education & Kinesiology

School of Nursing

Nursing Lab in Ramstad

The School of Nursing combines nursing science with a strong foundation in the liberal arts and the humanities to prepare undergraduate students for generalist nursing practice.