A student wearing a black Lutes shirt sit on a bench on the PLU campus and holds a letter board that reads You're Invited #PLUSOCO

PLU Student of Color Online (SoCO)

3:30-5:30pm Thursday, 11/12/20 & Friday, 11/13/20
& 10:30am-12:30pm Saturday 11/14/20

PLU’s Office of Admission is partnering with a number of campus partners to outline the unique opportunities and resources that exist for students of color on campus.

SoCO will include a multi-day program to help prepare you for your college search, including lecture/class with a PLU professor, campus tour, resource panel, interactions with current students, and more. RSVP for one day, or better yet – all three! Each day (agenda and RSVP buttons below) will offer another perspective on the college search process and how you can best prepare for college as a student of color.

Academic Exploration

Friday, November 13 2020 from 3:30-5:30pm

3:30pm Check and Welcome  – How to Choose a Major and Understanding the Process

3:45pm Mock Lecture
Today, zombies are everywhere: in movies, books, video games, music videos, television commercials, national headlines and even on the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website. In cities and towns around the world, there are zombie walks, zombie (mud) runs, zombie flash mobs and other practices involving zombies. What does this global explosion of zombie mania suggest? Are zombies just a product of our imagination or could they exist in the actual world? Are they even “logically possible”? If yes, what are they? What do they want? Should we worry about them? What are the symbolic implications of these representations? 

Join Professor Patrick Moneyang as he provides a mock lecture from this course and gain a little insight into what a college course at PLU is like!

4:30pm Bringing Your Identities to a College Campus and Classroom
Understanding your identities, and how they will grow, are all important parts of your college experience. As you transition into college this activity will involve self-reflection and how you can bring your identities to a college campus both inside and outside of the classroom.

5:00pm Student Panel – My Place in the Classroom
We’ll spend some time with a panel of current PLU students talking about being in a predominantly white learning environment.

Thank you to those that attended Day 2 of SoCo! We hope to see you in 2021!

Engage with Student Life

Saturday, November 14th from 10:30am - 12:30pm

10:30am Check and Welcome 

10:45am Dive into the dCenter
Guests from the Diversity Center talk about programs, events, Zoom meetings, and ways to connect with them and other Centers on campus.

11:05am Living with Different Cultures
Hear from students living in the DJS Community in Ordal Hall about living in a community alongside and/or without students of color.

11:15pm Speed Friending
Even in this virtual world we want you to have time to get to know some PLU students! We’ll be shuffling through breakout groups with random questions to get to know each other and gain insight from other high school seniors and currently college students.

12:00pm Student Panel – Finding Your People
Join us for our final SoCo panel of current students talking about finding community, socializing, getting involved, and forming your identity on campus.

12:30pm Wrap Up Day 2