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💛 Lutes, thank you for giving to what you love! 💛 PLU students and alumni say it best — watch the above special collection of Bjug Day thank you messages.

The worldwide Lute community made 2021 the best Bjug Day of Giving ever on behalf of PLU students. Collectively 2,046 donors contributed $1,120,018, including the largest-ever scholarship match of $460,000. To everyone who helped make this possible, thank you! 

Learn how donors make a difference on Bjug Day (and every day!) in these Q&A interviews:


Q&A with alumna recipient Lauren Mendez ’15

Lauren Mendez ’15

Q&A with SAAC officers Bridget Duven ’22 and Danny Samson ’22

Bridget Duven ’22 and Danny Samson ’22

Q&A with professor Dr. Suzanne Crawford O’Brien

Dr. Suzanne Crawford O’Brien
Experiences & Resources

Q&A with director Dr. Elizabeth A. Barton

Dr. Elizabeth A. Barton

During Bjug Day, October 19-20, Lutes across the world came together to invest in scholarships and other solutions that benefit students. We do this because we know that students and alumni with a PLU education are leaders helping to make their communities and the earth a better place for everyone.

To see more of this year’s Bjug Day results visit You can also read about PLU’s founder Rev. Bjug Harstad, who inspired this fun philanthropic tradition, or watch this (loosely based) history video.

Thank you!