PLU sits in the beautiful Pacific Northwest—a place where residents are proud of their communities, active in nature, and always ready to learn about the world around them. Dean Buchanan, who established the Buchanan Family Endowed Scholarship with his wife, Marilyn, is a Washingtonian through and through, and he was determined to assist students who also reside in the Pacific Northwest.

The Buchanan’s history with PLU goes back several decades. Here’s what Dean had to say about their history with the University and why they established the Buchanan Family Endowed Scholarship.

I attended a large public institution for my BS degree. I hated every minute of those four years! After I earned my CPA, I was appointed VP for Business & Finance at PLU in 1962 by Dr. Robert Mortvedt. I was immediately amazed and delighted at the marvelous ambiance, its students, faculty and staff. This was a community of support and care. The students studied hard but at the same time had fun, enjoyed their time on campus and participated in the myriad of activities and opportunities all of which integrated. As new facilities were added in the 1960s and 1970s so did the spirit of those who labored and studied here.

Thus, it was our desire to create an endowed scholarship fund that would remain in perpetuity, but with restrictions: I am a Washingtonian, born and raised in Seattle. My grandparents came into the Snohomish valley in the 1890s. My parents both grew up there. Our oldest son, Mark Buchanan, is a PLU alum (class of 1973). Therefore we set aside this scholarship for residents of the Pacific Northwest to honor our family.”