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#WhyPLU Form

Why PLU Grid



Whether you attend PLU, work at PLU or support PLU, something lured you to the Lute community–and keeps you a vital part of it.
Maybe you were drawn to PLU by its reputation, or its people, or its campus ... or just that indescribable "something." Either way, we're betting there are as many reasons as there are Lutes.
We'd love to hear yours.
In honor of Pacific Lutheran University's 125th anniversary, we'd like to collect 125 (or more!) #whyPLU stories. 

Please share yours with us–in words, photos and/or videos–on this form, on the PLU Facebook page or using the #whyPLU hashtag. In turn, we'll share it with the Lute community, and then some: Your story could end up on a giant #whyPLU billboard!

Please list your class year if you are an alumni or your expected graduation year.

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Why PLU Grid