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What am I good at?

Identifying your skills is an integral piece of the career development process. Each career or job is going to require a set of skills needed to be successful. By identifying your skills and personal qualities you will be able to:

  • Articulate the skills you posses when interviewing, writing resumes, etc
  • Be more effective in identifying careers that would be a good fit for your skills set
  • Gain perspective on the skills you would like to further develop.

Visit with a Career Counselor for more information and resources to help you identify your skills and career interests.

Assessments We Offer

Character Strengths

It’s useful to know your strengths when deciding on your career direction.

How do you get started in identifying your strengths? Check out this free strengths assessment. logo

Complete the Career Personality and Career Interest Inventories to obtain a list of careers that fit your personality and interests.

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