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Several virtual fairs will take place during the fall semester at Pacific Lutheran University, including the Clubs and Organizations Engagement Fair, Meet the Firms, and the Career & Internship Fair. To ensure that student clubs and organizations, employers, and student/alumni attendees are best prepared to enter the virtual fairs, please read the following guidelines and frequently asked questions.

Employer Attendee Instructions

Attendee type: employer, recruiter, or company representative

Registration is required:

Training Video (2 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the Opportunities Board?

1 Minute Video

  • Go to the Alumni & Student Connections homepage
  • Select Opportunities Board > Student Login
  • Login with ePass
  • First time users will be prompted to fill out a form so we can curate your profile to your interests

How do I access a virtual fair?

As a recruiter you can access a virtual fair by following these instructions.

  • Login to the Opportunities Board (if you cannot remember your password, or need to set up your password, select “Regenerate or Reset Password”)
  • Once logged in, select Events > Career Fairs > select the fair you are attending

Day of the fair: how to start 1:1 chats

If you are hosting a 1:1 chat, we recommend entering the virtual fair 15-20 minutes before the event begins. (See question “How do I access a virtual fair” above to enter the fair.)

In a separate window, open your video chat. This is the link you shared in the registration process (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts – whatever your preference is).

Once you have entered the fair, make sure your status is set to “Online”. Between chatting with students, check and make sure that your status is still set to “Online”.

How do I begin 1:1 chats with students?

To see the students who are in line to speak with you, select the “Upcoming” tab. You may select the first person in line. To send them an invitation to begin a video chat, select “Start Chat”. Open your separate video chat window and prepare for the student to join you.

How do I end 1:1 chats with students?

There is a two-step process to ending a chat with a student. First, you must conclude your video chat with them; either they can leave on their own, or you can remove them from the video call. Second, you must select “End Chat” in the Opportunities Board. You will have the option to add anonymous notes regarding the call.

To select the next student, return to the “Upcoming” tab, identify the next student, and select “Start Chat”.

There are no students in my 1:1 chat line. What do I do?

If there are no students in your 1:1 chat line, please go through this check list:

  • Make sure your status is set to “online”.
  • If you were previously chatting with a student, make sure you have ended that chat.
  • Refresh your internet browser.
  • Try a different internet browser (Internet Explorer is not supported; please only try Mozilla Firefox or Chrome).
  • Check the “Upcoming” tab to see if anyone has joined your line.
  • Join the Help Center Chat Room (refer to email from Alumni & Student Connections) or call 253-535-8283.

How do I update my profile photo?

In your Opportunities Board employer account, select:

  • My Account
  • Personal Profile
  • Picture > Choose Image
  • Submit

Your photo will be visible to students.

How do I update my company profile?

In your Opportunities Board employer account, select:

  • Employer Profile
  • Who We Are
  • Update any of the following tabs: who we are, logo, company culture, key statistics, photos, videos, and social media profiles

All information will be visible to students.

What do I do at the end of the event?

At the end of Meet the Firms (5 p.m.) join PLU School of Business Faculty, Beta AlphaPsi, students, and other recruiters for closing remarks. Please see email for Zoom link.

At the conclusion of the fair (5 pm) you may finish up your 1:1 chats and log off the Opportunities Board.

Questions about Meet the Firms?

Join Zoom Help Center (available from 2:30-5 pm on 9/25)


Call: 253-535-8283

Student Attendee Instructions

Attendee type: PLU student or alum who is attending the fair to explore employers or clubs/orgs.

Pre-registration is highly recommended. Log into your student or alumni account on the Opportunities Board, and register by selecting:

  • Events
  • Career Fairs
  • Select Career Fair you wish to attend
  • Attend

Quick tips for student attendees: 

  • All connections with employers are through video calls.
  • Video call links will be provided by the employers in the event module.
  • Check your internet connection and plug your device into a power supply.
  • Join multiple video chat queues (up to 5) and take advantage of group chats
  • Have your resume ready to share.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Every chat is on a timer.

Training Video (3 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access a virtual fair?

1 Minute Video

Login to your Opportunities Board account.

Student Login (use your ePass)

Alumni Login

Once you are logged in, from the main menu select:

  • Events
  • Career Fairs
  • Select the career fair you are attending
  • Select View Chats

Chats will be available at the very start of the event and no earlier.

Do I need to upload a resume when I register?

For virtual career fairs (Meet the Firms and the Career & Internship Fair) it is highly recommended that student and alumni attendees upload a resume when they attend.

How do I update my profile photo (optional)?

In your student or alumni account, select Profile from the main menu. In the black header, in the left corner, select “Edit Profile Photo”. The picture you upload will be visible to employers and clubs/orgs.

Am I required to turn on my camera in the video chats?

No, it is not required that you use your camera during the video chats.

If you decide to turn on your camera, we recommend selecting a quite area (if possible) with good lighting.

How do I start chatting with employers?

Enter the virtual fair. Select the “Employers” tab. Click the employer you would like to talk to. On their profile, you will see the option to join the 1:1 (individual chat) or group chat, depending on what they are offering.

Some employers may offer 1:1 chat only, group chat only, or both.

You may join up to five 1:1 chat queues at once. Pay close attention to the screen; a box will appear when you have been invited to a video chat.

When an employer or club/org becomes available, they will send you an invitation to join their video call. Click the link they provide. Follow the prompts to join their video call meeting.

How do I end a chat?

At the conclusion of a chat, exit the video chat. In the Opportunities Board, select the button “End Chat”. Return to the “Employers” tab to see who you would like to meet with next.

What if I did not get a chance to connect with the employer or club/org that I wanted to talk to?

Email Alumni & Student Connections at and we will do our best to connect you with the employer.

Questions about Meet the Firms?

Join Zoom Help Center (available from 2:30-5 pm on 9/25)


Call: 253-535-8283

Frequently Asked Questions