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Chinese Studies Alumni Event

Dear Chinese Studies Program Major and Minor Alumni,
For those who don’t know me, I’m Paul Manfredi, chair of Chinese Studies at PLU. I invite you to join us for a gathering on the PLU campus the evening of December 1, 2017. Our purpose is to reconnect with you all, give you a chance to reconnect with each other, as well as provide opportunity for some of our current majors and minors to be connected with people who went through the program, and now have moved on to the work world. Of course, we realize that not all of you have continued China-related activities post graduation, but your experiences are still very valuable to share with current students at PLU.
The evening will include a brief panel discussion presented by some of your former classmates in the program, followed by meet-and-greet with current students, faculty and friends of the program. We do hope you’ll be able to join us.
Even if you can’t join, please feel free to find us on Facebook, and to continue to be involved in the program as you’re able. If you respond with preferred current email address, we can send you updates and announcements for Chinese Studies-related events at PLU going forward.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
-Paul Manfredi
Chair, Chinese Studies
Pacific Lutheran University