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Lute Link

Lute Link Career Advisor Network

Joining Lute Link is an easy way to help Lutes succeed and give back to PLU. Lute Link Career Advisors serve as points of contact for current students and other alumni. Alumni, parents, staff, faculty and friends of PLU can sign up to be a Lute Link Career Advisor.

Once you become a Lute Link Career Advisor, your information will be stored in our Lute Link database. When students search for contacts (mentors) to assist in guiding their career choices and building their networks, they will contact our team in search of alumni within their career interest. We will then connect the student with you, our alumni, who can help inform their vocational journey. Students use your valuable career insight to help them explore their desired career path.

There’s one thing that we don’t expect advisors to do: make job offers. Career advisors are allies and advocates, not recruiters. Any students or alumni who contact you for networking or advice will know this.

Complete the following registration form to customize your level of involvement as a Lute Link Career Advisor.

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If there have been any changes with your place of employment and career field, please update your advisory information here.

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Students and alumni can use the Lute Link Career Network for connections, advice and opportunities.

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