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Meet the LCAA Leadership Team

A Letter from Doug Nelson

 “Feel the pull, feel the swing ain’t no value ’til you treasure it.” – The FIXX

I, and many of my boat mates in the late 80’s, admired these profound lyrics. Under the tutelage of Coach Doug “Herley” Herland, my teammates and I spent countless hours trying to capture this elusive thing called swing. We knew how to pull…well at least we thought we did. We were men for goodness sake.  And when the right amount of pulling was matched with just the right amount of swing, the feeling in the boat was something to treasure.

Today, as I serve on the Lute Crew Alumni Association (LCAA), the song resonates again. I’ll never forget that feeling of swing, but the lyrics have taken on a new meaning for me. At times when I least expect it, the sport of rowing “pulls” me back in. I hope the great rowing memories from your past can “pull” you back in as well. I hope that once you hear and see the amazing achievements of our current PLU rowers and coaches that you will suddenly be back into the “swing” of things.

The LCAA wants you on our team! Our goals are simple: we want to get together with our PLU Rowing Alumni family. We cherish those fond PLU Rowing memories and want to get together again to create new ones. Additionally, we strive to support our current PLU Rowing Team; by attending races, volunteering at events, and exploring a variety of fundraising opportunities.

I’m sure our current lot of Lute rowers have songs that motivate and inspire. It gives me great joy knowing they are living out experiences similar to the ones we remember. I’m sure we can all agree that those were great times to “treasure.”

Doug Nelson ’90

Meet the LCAA Leadership Team

Doug Nelson ’90
LCAA President

Doug rowed on the PLU Men’s Crew from 1987-1990 under the coaching direction of Doug Herland. Primarily as a lightweight, Doug experienced rowing success at the collegiate and post-collegiate level and then went on to become Head Coach of Rowing at PLU from 1991-2000. Doug has also been on the coaching staff at the Lake Washington Rowing Club since 1995. Doug is currently the Recreation and Community Center Manager for the City of Federal Way. Doug, and his wife, Maria live in Fife, WA with four boys ages 8, 10, 13, 15.

Kathy Corey ’91
LCAA Secretary

Kathy earned a her 4 year Varsity Letter having coxed the Men’s Varsity Crew for 3 years, and a year rowing for the PLU Women’s Varsity Light 8. The highlights during her crew career include crossing the finish line to “Oh! I feel good” blaring through the cox box as the Men’s V8 beat the UPS Loggers for 1988 Meyer Cup, and winning the Lamberth Cup the following year.

Kathy became involved with the LCAA in 2012. Kathy wants to see that PLU Rowing Alums, from all the ages, stay connected to the program. “Let’s show our support to the current team, and help them as they transition to the Alumni ranks.”

Half body picture of Kathy Corey