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Social Media FAQ

How to Use Social Media – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post photos and messages on the PLU’s Facebook page, PLU’s Alumni and Friends Facebook page and my own Facebook page?

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account page.
  2. Under ‘Status’, write something about your activity.
  3. Next to the ‘Status’ button is ‘Photo/Video’, click ‘Upload Photo/Video’.
  4. Click ‘Post’ to add to the Facebook page.
  5. If you want to make a change after post, then go to upper right corner of posted comments/photo/video and click ‘Edit’ or Delete’.
  6. To post to PLU’s Facebook page or PLU’s Alumni and Friends page, when signed in on your Facebook account go to the PLU page and/or the Alumni and Friends page and repeat steps 3-6.

How do I upload photos to a Facebook page from a smart phone?

  1. For smartphone users – select ‘Camera’ and take photos. Click on Camera Roll (In iPhone) from Camera. In Android, click ‘Gallery’ to select photo. Click on box with arrow on bottom left of photo. Then, decide the next steps:
  • Facebook – Select Facebook to post on your Facebook page.
  • Twitter – Select Twitter to post on your Twitter page.
  • Instagram – Select Instagram to post on Instagram.

What is Twitter and how do I use Twitter to post comments or a photo?

  1. Twitter is a way to post a comment, or tweet, with 140 characters or less, which can include @Mentions to other users, hashtags, external links, or simply regular text. If you want to let your followers know what you are doing, type it in the ‘What’s happening’ text box and then click on the ‘Tweet’ button. Prefacing a word with a ‘#’ will create a hashtag, which makes a certain word easily searchable.

How do I upload videos?

Uploading to Facebook is similar as it is for photos, except select a video to upload. They should be short, 1-3 minutes or so. You can also upload videos to your YouTube account and share the link on the other social media platforms.