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Personal & Organizational Histories

Below you will find a listing of all personal and organizational histories held by the Scandinavian Immigrant Experience Collection.

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Guide to the Anders O. Aasen Biography

A brief biographical account of Anders O. Aasen, 1874 – 1974.

Guide to the Aasta and Anders Wedding Songbook

A songbook from the wedding of Aasta and Anders, 1952.

Guide to the Rhoda E. (Livingston) Ackerman Diary Collection

Guide to the History of Adelphia College

The collection consists of a typescript entitled, History of Adelphia College, by Jean Anderson.

Guide to the Alaska Yukon Pioneers Newsletter

Newsletter from the Alaska Yukon Pioneers from 1962.

Guide to the Esther Allstrum Collection

Correspondence in Norwegian

Guide to the Bertha (Josephson) Anderson Autobiography 

Autobiography of a Danish immigrant

Guide to the Gina Ruud Anderson Biography

A biographical sketch of Norwegian immigrant Gina Ruud Anderson, written by her daughter.

Guide to the Anderson Nodland Family History

Genealogical book for the Anderson Nodland family, written by Nina Larson.

Guide to the Nils Andersson Emigration Registration Document

Emigration registration document for Nils Andersson, who left Sweden in the early 1900s.

Guide to the Dinus Jonsson & Kristjana Andresdottir Collection

Letter discussing the landscape and history of Iceland.

Guide to “The Vikings Return” Article by Bob Asp

The collection consists of an article published by Viking shipbuilder Bob Asp entitled A Dream is a Dream: The Vikings Return!

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Guide to the Baalson Family History
Centennial booklet for the descendants of Norwegian immigrants Kari and Ellen Baalson who came to America from Flaa, Hallingdal in 1861. 

Guide to the Ole Bakken Autobiography

Short autobiographical sketch of the life of Norwegian immigrant Ole Bakken, born in Trondheim in 1924.

Guide to the K. Berge Diary

The diary of K. Berge, written around 1874 – 1884, with four other contributing writers, including Edv. Larsen and John Lie.

Guide to the Berggren Family History 

Family history of the Berggren family, beginning with Johan Olofsson, born circa 1620. The history is written in Swedish, first published in 1908.

Guide to the Rev. Peter Berglov Collection

The collection consists of journal entries written by Rev. Peter Berglov between 28 April and 21 May 1882 recounting his immigration journey to America.

Guide to the Esther Nelson Berglund Family History

Handwritten family history by Esther Nelson Berglund born in 1890 in Tacoma, Washington.

Guide to the Jonas Bergner Autobiography

Photocopied musings of Bergner titled “På våg til Amerika,” or “On the Way to America.”

Guide to the Bergström-Ersson Family Papers

The family history describes the Ersson and Bergström families by concentrating on the lives of Anna Ersson Bergström and Sven Bergstrom. Included in the family history is a family tree of both families, a copy of Sven Bergström’s citizenship papers, and a copy of the patent deed issued to Tarkeld Willisson for the homestead Sven and Anna bought.

Guide to the Hjalmar Björk Collection

The collection includes a biography, letters, clippings, poetry, and other announcements related to Swedish-American poet, Hjalmar Björk.

Guide to the Elin Susanna Bjorkelund Diary

The diary of Elin Susanna Bjorkelund, containing poems, thoughts, and some entries that seems to be directed to different people.

Guide to the Ivar Bjørndal Manuscript

Ivar Bjørndal, representing the Norwegian government, gives impressions of West Coast American educational institutions during his 1986 visit.

Guide to the Hilda Marie Black Papers

Memoirs of former Tacoma resident Hilda Marie Black, born in 1884 in North Dakota. This file includes newspaper clippings and her obituary.

Guide to the Ole R. Blindheim collection

Contains three folders relating to Ole R. Blindheim, the first containing clippings, the other two containing photographs.


Guide to the Petter Bonnpardt Aslakson’s Songbook

Norwegian songbook, collected by Petter Bonnpardt Aslakson in 1862. Contains Norwegian and Danish patriotic songs.

Guide to the James Bramblet Autobiography
Autobiography of James Bramblet titled “Privies, Charivaris and Bedbugs or Life on the Farm in the Olden Days.”

Guide to the Sigmund Brestesson Saga

Saga about “The Christening of Faroe Island”, retold by Finn Hedin.

Guide to the Kristine Brobakken Collection

This collection contains a Festival of Nations program, and a program for the American Tour of the Norwegian Royal University Chorus in 1939, newspaper clipping, biographical information, fourteen pictures, and eight postcard pictures from Tretten and Hjelmsted in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.

Guide to the Brodin Family Papers
The Brodin family papers consist of manuscripts pertaining to Old Brodin, born in Alster, Sweden, 1809, an overview of the Brodin family, a map of Dalsland, letters from Carl Brodin to family members, John Brodin’s certificate of citizenship, articles, family photographs, and a first through tenth generations list.

Guide to the William L. Bronow Collection

The original document of the affidavit of support for William Bronow for the purchase of the Norwegian American Line ticket number 8808 to bring his brother-in-law Bergliot Motness to America from Trondhjem, Norway.

Guide to the Henry Brosten Collection

Henry Brosten describe his life story, his early childhood life in Norway as well as his experiences when he first came to the United States.

Guide to the Ulrikka F. Bruun Poetry Collection

This poem, written in Norwegian, expresses disapproval of presidential candidate Al Smith because he was Catholic and against prohibition, 1928.

Guide to Carl Busch Collection 

Contains a music sheet given to Pacific Lutheran University by Dagny Berg Gustafson.

Guided Feena Mattson Busch Collection

This collection includes a news article describing the structure of the Mattson Junior High School during its construction. It also includes a news article from September 18, 1979 about the story behind the name Mattson Junior High School and Matt Mattson. Lastly, it includes a news article talking about the deceased Feena Mattson Busch.

Guide to the Feena (Mattson) Busch Family History

Feena Mattson Busch was born in WA, the daughter of Finnish immigrants. She taught at a school in Kent, WA.

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Guide to The Critic by Anna Collier

The collection contains two copies of Anna Collier’s autobiography. The manuscript was originally written by Anna Collier between June 30 and August 12, 1926.

Guide to the Gyda Christoferson Papers

Newspaper articles regarding Gyda Christoferson and her involvement with the Norwegian-American community in Seattle.

Guide to the Cromwell Reunion Memories

Recollections gathered at a 1980 reunion of the alumni of the Cromwell School near Tacoma, Washington.

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Guide to the Dahlin Family History

Johan Bylund, born in Sweden in 1860, came to the United States and changed his name to John Dahlin. This is the story of five generations of his family, writtenby Lois Calhoun Carter.

Guide to the Ester Dahlstein Documents

The history and immigration documents of Ester (Esther) Dahlstein from Rönaholm, Sweden.

Guide to the William N. Danielson Collection
William Danielson describes his visit to Öland, Sweden in the summer of 1967

Guide to the Daughters of Norway Embla Lodge No. 2 Collection

This collection contains the records of Daughters of Norway Embla Lodge No. 2 from 1907 – 2014, including financial records, membership history, and meeting minutes.

Guide to the Daughters of Norway Grand Lodge Collection 

This collection contains the records of the Daughters of Norway Grand Lodge cultural organization, 1908 – 2010

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Guide to the Enångers Socken Collection

This collection contains information about Enånger parish, from about 1520 until 1960. It describes the settlement of the area, the Middle Ages, taxes, and wars. The collection also contains an alphabetic list of the names, and a linear list of the different families.

Guide to the John and Kristine Erikson Family History 

Family history of John and Kristine Erickson written by their daughter, Mamie Seymour. John and Kristine Erickson left Mora, Sweden, and traveled to America with their children in 1882.

Guide to the Evan I. Evanson Biography

Biography of Norwegian immigrant Evan I. Evanson from Jämtland, Östre Toten, Norway.

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Guide to the Kristian Falkenberg Collection

The collection consists of a post card from 1953 news article from the CBC Times and the Seattle Times. Two photographs of Dr.Falkenberg and an article written by O.L. Ejde from the Western Viking.

Guide to the Gabriel Aanensen Fedde Autobiography

This manuscript is an autobiography written by Gabriel Aanensen Fedde who was born Fedde, Norway in 1843. In 1881 he immigrated to New York. He died in 1917 at age seventy-four.

Guide to the Stephen Forslund Collection

Guide to the Nils P. Frostensson Family History

Nils P. Frostensson was born January 12, 1854, in Näsum Parish, Kristianstad Province, Sweden.
He became a teacher and retired in 1911, often visiting his home community during his retirement years.

Guide to the Frølich Family papers

Numerous documents related to the Frølich family history in both Norway and Seattle, Wash.

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Guide to the Gjøa Collection

News article from 1970 about the Gjøa ship in San Francisco, and a copy of a diary about the Gjøa’s 1901 Arctic Ocean expedition.

Guide to the Jonas Olof Grafström Collection

This collection contains two articles on Swedish-American artist Olof Granström, as well as two photographs of a painting, and correspondence.

Guide to the Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Papers

A handwritten certification of Norwegian citizenship issued by city judge Halvor Olaus Christensen of Stavanger, Norway to Gulbrand Gulbrandsen.

Guide to the Olaf Gulbrandsen Autograph Album

Photocopied pages of Olaf Gulbrandsen’s autograph album with notes from his friends at Pacific Lutheran Academy (University) and his family.

Guide to the Gulbrandsen-Thronson Saga

A collection of stories, diaries, and personal accounts compiled into a single book on the history of the Gulbrandsen-Thronson family.

Guide to the Carl M. Ringen Gunderson Collection

A collection of documents related to Carl M. Gunderson and his work in tracing American and Norwegian genealogical lines.

Guide to the Louise Beata Svens Blomquist Bjons Gustafson Collection

The personal documents of Louise Beata Gustafson and her family, from her immigration from Finland to the United States, to her death in 1956.

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Guide to the Olaf Ludvig Haavik Collection

Letters and memoirs, 1885 – 1974.

Guide to the Mathilde Hader Papers

Transcript of interview of Mathilde Hader, born Mathilde Georgine Chistiansen, July 25, 1897, in Oslo, Norway. She recounts details of her family history and the story of her life and her career as a teacher and home economist in Norway and the United States.

Guide to the Hallonbacken Collection

This file contains a flyer, background information about Edith Södergran, and an excerpt of the play Hallobacken. The play, written by Stina Katchadourian, is based on Edith Södergran’s life.

Guide to the Markus Hallvardson and Brita Sjursdatter Vangsness Collection

This family history is a genealogical narrative of Markus Hallvardson and Brita Sjursdatter Vangsness and their families.Markus and Brita came to America in 1844 to the Luther Valley settlement and then to Bristol Township, Dane County, Wisconsin.

Guide to the Christine K. Hansen Biography

The collection consists of an obituary and a manuscript about the life of Christine K (“Disse”) Hansen. The biography discusses her life in Denmark, immigration, schooling in nursing, marriage, and nursing work in Alaska.

Guide to the Knut Pedersen Haslerud Papers

Knut Pedersen Haslerud was born February 3, 1824 in Rollag, Numedal, Norway. He writes about poor times in Norway before coming to America. He died in 1899.

Guide to the Hedman’s Songbook

Nanny Hedman’s Swedish songbook that her grandma Nanny Jonson brought from Sweden

Guide to the Hefte Family History

The Hefte family history book was published in 1981 and covers the descendants of Ole Olson and his wife Ingrid Oldsdatter Kinneberg.

Guide to the Ole Nilsen Hegna Papers

“My Journey to America and Reminiscences of the Civil War,” 1840 – 1916

Guide to the Pauline Paulson Hendrickson Biography

A biographical sketch of Norwegian immigrant Pauline Paulson Hendrickson who came to the United States with her family as a child. In 1872 she married another Norwegian immigrant and they settled in Minnesota and had seven children.

Guide to Ruth Herberg Collection

Contains two books of collected post cards from Norway.

Guide to the Knud Olsen Hovie Vaccination Certificate

A November 1830 cowpox vaccination certificate for Knud Olsen Hovie.

Guide to Birges Hultgrin Collection

A small booklet written in Swedish, titled “Some examples on how God teach children how to pray”, and a small child’s reader titled “I don’t care anyway!”

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Guide to the Jonas Isakson Collection

Letter and English translation, 1870

Guide to the O.B. Iverson Collection

Reminiscences in English, 1845 – 1920

Guide to the O.B. Iverson Experiences and Observations on Two Continents 

The collection consists of the story of O.B. Iverson as he surveyed the land in the Puget Sound and settled near Stanwood.

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Guide to the Johanne Jacobsdatter Papers

Vaccination record for Johanne Jacobsdatter, 1840 – 1911.

Guide to the Eulogy for Jacob D. Jacobsen

A biographical account of Jacob D. Jacobsen, 1842 – 1881.

Guide to the Frans Johan Johanson Collection

The collection consists of several original documents from Frans Johan Johanson’s life.

Guide to the Alfred Johansson Autobiography

Collection contains Johansson’s writings and autobiography.

Guide to the Jansson-Berlin-Johansson Family History

History and genealogy of the Jansson family of Sweden, 1994.

Guide to The John Anderson Publishing Company Publications

List of books published by The John Anderson Publishing Company , as a part of Jean Skogerboe Hansen’s Master Dissertation in 1972 for the Graduate Library School at The University of Chicago.

Guide to the Johnson Family correspondence

Correspondence between Hanna and Johan Johnson in Washburn, Wisconsin and Johanna Svensdotter in Stora Svenstorp, Sweden

Guide to the John August Johnson Papers

Memoranda of Events in the Life of John August Johnson: from childhood days to the age of 82.

Guide to the Edward Emanuel Johnson Collection

Biography and legal documents of early Tacoma shipbuilder Edward Johnson from Vanersborg, Sweden.

Guide to the John Johnson Collection

The collection contains three different articles. An American Manifesto by Norwegian Immigrants, and John Johnson, Private, 15th Wisconsin Regiment contains letter(s) by Johnson. To Find a Better Destiny by Gene Estensen is not directly connected to Johnson, but bring up immigration and its struggles as Johnson did in his letters.

Guide to the Marvin Johnson Papers

The collection consists of a letter from Gudmund Alfsen in Norway to his brother Sjur in America, and a Norwegian Lutheran Church pamphlet on prayer

Guide to a Biography of T.J. by Matilda Johnson 

Contains the biography of Matilda Johnson, translated from Sweden to English.

Guide to the Olof and Lars Johnson Collection

This collection consists of copies of personal documents of Swedish emigrants, Olof and Lars Johnson, 1886 – 1982.

Guide to the Simon Johnson Stories

Collection comprised of journal articles about novelist Simon Johnson and containing his short stories, 1980.

Guide to Dinus Jonsson and Kristjana Andresdottir

The collection consists of a document describing the landscape and history of inhabitants on Iceland. Included is genealogical information, an article about Dinus Jónsson and Kristjana Andrésdóttir, and a letter to Bjorn Stefansson from his brother Sigurbjörn Stefansson..

Guide to the Kenneth A. Jorgenson Collection

Collected information and books about the Norwegians who volunteered in the Fifteenth Wisconsin Infantry during the America Civil War.

Guide to the Gustav B. Jörgensen Papers

File contains brief biography of Gustav Joergenson and photocopies of a program for the celebration of the seventy-third anniversary of the Stillaguamish Settlement, dated September 19, 1937.

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Guide to the Mathilde Kildahl Autograph Book

This collection contains photocopies of a filled autograph book given to St. Olaf student, Mathilde Kildahl, from her brother Nathan.

Guide to Kinfolk

The collection consists of the 1990 edition of the family history, entitled Kinfolk, by Margie Lee.

Guide to the Lars and Kristi Kinsarvik Correspondence

Letters from Norwegian immigrants who settled in Washington state, written to Kirsti and Lars Kinsarvik back home in Norway. The letters span more than a decade in the lives of these families and describe events both in the United States and Norway.

Guide to the Kjesrud Family Collection

The author of this work is Joseph O. Rude, and it is based in part on research conducted by Professor Helge Frøyseth of Norway. It is the story of the Kjesrud family of Norway, dating back to 1635, with historical and genealogical information, including the story of those who moved to North America in the late 1800s.

Guide to the Inga Broadland Knutzen Biography

Biography of Norwegian immigrant Inga Broadland Knutzen, written by her granddaughter Jill Holmes.

Guide to the Mary Kristianson Poetry Collection

A poetry collection gathered by Mary Kristianson, written in a notebook dated 2-5-1906 (May 2nd 1906). Also contains information for the funerals for Mrs. Kristine Kristiansen and Petrea Svanes, both in 1927.

Guide to Kvekerne i Stavanger og Ryfylke

The Emmigration Festival in Norway 1986 booklet about the Quakers in Norway, especially from Stavanger and Ryfylke. Who traveled, who stayed behind, and general information about the emmigration.

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Guide to the Hildur Larson Autobiography

Hildur Larson was born in Sweden in 1896. She traveled to the United States in 1927, married, and never returned to Scandinavia. The collection consists of a book written by Edgar Larson about his mother’s early years, based on her oral history.

Guide to Hjalmar Larsson Collection

A Visit to Scandinavia by Dr. James E. Davis and Dr. B. Hjalmar gives a description of things to consider when visiting Scandinavia. Carolus Linnaeus, Physician and Botanist by B. Hjalmar Larsson gives an account of Carolus Linnaeus’ life and importance within the scientific community, especially within the fields of medicine and botany.

Guide to the Harold J. Leraas Collection

The notebooks, scrapbook, photographs, and other personal items belonging to Dr. Harold J. Leraas.


Guide to the “Letters From Norway” Article

This collection consists of an article published in The New Yorker, written by Lillian Ross and titled Letter from Oslo.

Guide to the Kari Lodvarsdatter Papers

Vaccination record for Kari Lodvarsdatter, 1861.

Guide to the Lokensgard Family History

History of the Ole and Helga Lokensgard family, who left Norway for America in 1857.

Guide to the Richard Londgren Collection

The Londgren family history, starting from the mid-19th century to 2001.

Guide to the Lovisa and Axel Correspondence

One letter from Lovisa (surname unknown) to her brother. Letter is in Swedish, with an English translation added to the collection.

Guide to the Gunnar and Marie Lund Biographies

A biographical sketch of Norwegian immigrants Marie Pauline Vognild Lund and Gunnar Lund.

Guide to the August Lundberg Autobiography

August Lundberg emigrated from Stockholm, Sweden in 1881 and worked in a wide variety of jobs, first in the Midwest and later in and around Seattle, WA where he met some city founders and witnessed the great first of 1889.

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Guide to the Peder Madsen Genealogical Chart

Genealogical chart of Peder Madsen, born in Nordre Lomsdalen, Norway.

Guide to the Jon and Gundrun Magnusson Collection

This includes a letter dated 20 August 1984 from Gudrun Magnusson to the archives, a one-page news clipping from “Lögberg-Heimskringla” paper, a copied photo of the Knight’s Cross and Ribbon, and a copy of a poem.

Guide to the Mattson /Ackerman Diaries

A series of diaries written by Lyle A. Mattson and Rhoda E. (Livingston) Ackerman between the years 1947 and 1987 and compiled in 2004 by his son/her grandson John L. Mattson.

Guide to a Biographical sketch by Johan Mattson

History of the Mattson Family from Orkdalen, Norway.

Guide to May 17th Celebration Programs

Programs for Norwegian Independence Day celebration, 17th May, in the US at different years ranging from 1914 till 1978.

Guide to the Thor Meland Collection
Collection includes the biography of Norwegian immigrant Thor Meland, born in 1861 near Vetlefjord, Norway, along with pictures of the Meland family.

Guide to the Christian Miller Autobiography

Autobiography of Norwegian immigrant. Sweet Land was written by Christian Miller over the course of forty years.

Guide to the A.B. Moe Papers

Autobiography of A.B. Moe, a Norwegian immigrant who came to America in 1881. He lived in Poulsbo, Washington, for 41 years and served as its first Mayor. 


Contains a special souvenir issue of Morgenbladet, released November 26th 1949 in Oslo, Norway. Articles on Norwegian emigration written in both Norwegian and English.

Guide to the John Melvin Moe Papers

The collection consists of correspondence between the Reverend John Melvin Moe and others in the 1970s regarding religious publications and translations.

Guide to the Christian J. Muri Autobiography
Christian J. Muri was born in 1871 in Nordre Bergenhus, Norway, and came to America in 1893. He farmed for a living, raised a family in Montana, and was proud to be an American.

Guide to the Myrstol family history

The family history of the Myrstol family, gathered by Anita Hillesland Londgren’s, tracing back to 860.

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Guide to the Fridtjof Nansen Scrapbook Collection

A scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, obituaries, and other articles covering the life of Fridjof Nansen, polar explorer, in the wake of his death in Oslo, Norway, May 1930.

Guide to the Lars and Iver Nelson Collection

The Nelson family history, gathered by Larence M. Nelson.

Guide to the Newspaper Clippings Collection

Collection comprised of American newspaper clippings relating to Scandinavians.

1911 – 1969 1977 – 2003

Guide to the H. Nielsen Papers

Guide to the Nordstrand School Band Tour

Collection contains souvenir programs, articles, correspondence, and other administrative documents regarding the history of Nordstrand Skoles Musikkorps (Nordstrand School Band) and their 1978 tour of the American Pacific Northwest, 1978.

Guide to the Antoinetta Wilhelmina Nordström Immigration Document

Immigration certificate of Antoinetta Wilhelmina Nordström of Rone, Sweden.

Guide to the Olaf Morgan Norlie Collection

The written works, newsletters, correspondence, and family trees belonging to and composed by Olaf Morgan Norlie.

Guide to the Amandus Norman Biography

Contains an excerpt of Amandus Norman’s biography.

Guide to the Normanna Male Chorus Collection

Records from the Normanna Male Chorus, 1906 – 2000

Guide to the Norway Day Committee collection

The collection contains documents relating to Norway Day committee, a part of the Seattle World Fair in 1962.

Guide to the Norwegian Commercial Club Collection

The collection contains membership rosters from the years 1975, 1977, and 1978. It also contains a pamphlet for the 50th Anniversary 1932 – 1982, A Tribute to the Tenth President of the Norwegian Commercial Club by Rodger Lade, and copy from Alaska Weekly, August 16, 1935.

Dagny Unsgard Nygaard Collection

The life story and family history of Norwegian immigrant Dagny Unsgaard Nygaard, born 1899, who came to America circa 1930.

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Guide to the Obituaries Collection

Collection comprised of American newspaper clippings of obituaries and funeral ephemera for Scandinavian Americans, 1930 – 2007.

Guide to the Eulogy for Sven Oftedal

A biographical account of Sven Oftedal, 1844 – 1911.

Guide to the Bertha Blanche Hall Oles Collection

This collection consists of a photocopy of a newspaper article about Bertha Blanche (Hall) Oles, a photocopied picture of her, and her scrapbook of clippings.

Guide to the Gunnar Olsborg Collection

A summary of a Twenty Year Career at Sea Through World War II 1909-2000

Guide to the Jonas Olson Family History

About Jonas Olson who emigrated to America in 1861.  The story was researched and written by Gilbert R. Olson.

Guide to the Karl Olsen Collection

Collection comprised of the autobiography of Karl Olsen titled Little Karl From Norway: The Story of My Life.

Guide to the Ole Overlie Family History

Family history of Norwegian immigrants Ole Hansen Overlie and Marit Paulsen and their descendants, 1990.

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Guide to Pacific Coast/American Union of Swedish Singers Collection

Programs and songbooks, from between 1917 and 1936, relating to the Pacific Coast Division of American Union of Swedish Singers.

Guide to the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers Association. Sangerfest.
Programs of the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers Association of America Sangerfest.

Programs / Photographs

Guide to the Elsie M. Parkhurst Papers

Correspondence ordering immigration records and a photocopy of the records, 1907 – 1083.

Guide to the Gloria Pederson Collection

This collection contains stories and articles related to the life and work of Gloria Pederson, proprietor of a Tacoma Scandinavian gift shop.

Guide to the Pederson Saga

The Pederson Saga is the family history of Norwegian immigrant Paul Pederson who came to America in 1912.

Guide to the John & Esther Peterson Biography

This document was written by Mabel Marie (Peterson) Wing and includes memories of her parents, John and Esther Peterson.

Guide to the Frederick Wilhelm August Poppe Collection

The collection consists of two articles about the Norwegian immigrant Frederick August William Poppe and his experiences leading an expedition during the Alaska Gold Rush. Collection also contains photographs of the expedition and a portrait of Poppe. 1986.

Guide to The Projekt Utvandrerne Exhibition Collection

The exhibition collection contains rough drafts, synopsis of first draft as well as the schedule for research and organization of construction, as it was presented to the orientation meeting on Moesgaard, Denmark, 5/25/1981. Draft prepared by Stig Thornsohn. Newsclipping from Berlingske Tidene about the exhibition.

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Guide to the Janet Rasmussen Collection

Documents gathered by Janet Rasmussen, a professor of Scandinavian Studies at PLU. Many of the documents are related to the oral history project “New Land, New Lives”.

Guide to the Rennord Collection

History, genealogy, and letters of the Rennord family.

Guide to the Paul Rennord Papers

Letters, pictures, postcards, a diary, and excerpts of writings.

Guide to the Carl Roan Collection

This collection contains Dr. Carl M. Roan’s unpublished manuscript, The Immigrant Wagon.

Guide to the Syver Svenson Rodning Biography

The biography, autobiography, and photocopies of personal documents of immigrant Syver Svenson Rodning, born in 1869 in Hallingdal, Norway.

Guide to the Rogaland Stevne Collection

Materials about the hundred year celebration of immigration from Stavanger, dating from between 1919 and 1941. Booklets with songs, a program, and news clippings with songs or stories about the celebration.

Guide to Oscar Rolander Collection

This collection contains the autobiography of Oscar Rolander and his journey to the United States as well as the life he lived growing up in the United States.

Guide to the Rolfsrud Family Collection

A loose translation and family tree of the Heide family taken from the book called “Sletken Heide”. This is a series of family reports and family stories.

Guide to the John Rumenius Collection

Correspondence in Swedish and English.

Guide to the Olaf Rydjord  Papers

The collection consists of a biographical sketch and personal papers of Olaf Rydjord, born in 1866 and emigrated to the US at age 24.

Guide to “Röbäck förr och nalta nu”

Contains a rapport for the Röbäck genealogical research, going over the history, industry, and life for people living in Röbäck, Sweden.

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Guide to the Salvation Army Swedish Songs Collection

Collection of religious song lyrics and newspaper clippings.

Guide to the C. J. Sandqvist Biography

Contains the autobiography of C. J. Sandqvist.

Guide to the Norwegian Singers Association of America Sangerfest

Programs of the Norwegian Singers Association of America Sangerfest, 1904 – 2010

Guide to the Scandinavian Cultural Center Records

Records of the Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University.

Guide to the Scandinavian Materials in Mortvedt Library

The collection consists of a research paper on Scandinavian materials in Mortvedt Library at Pacific Lutheran University in 1979.

Guide to Scandinavian Dance Workshop

This article talks about the history of the Scandinavian culture followed by a few dance instructions that were presented by Ingvar Sodol at the University of Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Guide to the Scandinavians in Washington’s Politics

An historical account of the influence of Scandinavian Americans on Pacific Northwest politics and political movements, beginning with Scandinavian settlement of Washington State in the late 19th century until the mid 1970s.

Guide to Scandinavian Settlement of Alaska

History of the discovery of Alaska by Scandinavians and the trades and population thereafter.

Guide to the Sigdalslaget Album

Guide to Skagit Valley Mannskor Planning Materials

This collection includes financial information and statements, meeting minutes and correspondences, invoices, inventory and directory and final Sangerfest plans.

Guide to the Skute Family Collection

Family tree of the Skute II Family, starting with Tor Olsen Ske and Birgitte Olsdottir.

Guide to the Ole G. Slind Papers

The collection consists of legal documents regarding transfer of farm property from Thomas Angells Stiftelser to the Slind family through Kari Olsdatter Slind, 1920.

Guide to the Carl Fredrik Solberg Papers

Papers relating to Carl Frederick Solberg, who emigrated from Norway to America in 1853. He became editor of  the Norwegian-language paper “Emigraten,” becoming publisher in 1860. He was war correspondent for the paper during the Civil War, and in 1872 founded another paper, the “Minnesota.”

Guide to the Sons of Norway Collection

Sons of Norway District 2 Collection

This collection contains the records of the Sons of Norway District 2 cultural organization from 1903 – 2010.

Guide to the Sorlie Family History

The history of the Sorlie family dating back to the Viking Age and up to immigration to North Dakota.

Guide to the Malene Steen Autobiography
These are the reminiscences of Malene Steen, a Norwegian immigrant who came to this country in 1870. She never learned English, but wrote her story in 1922. It was translated from Norwegian by the Norwegian Historical Association in March, 1979.

The Guide to the Sigurbjorn Stefansson Collection

This collection includes a correspondence from Sigurbjorn Stefansson to his unknown brother.

Guide to the Erik E. Stenson Collection

Four letters from Erik Stenson to his brother Carl and his wife, three other letters by family members, a family tree in Swedish, a land ownership deed agreement, two funeral announcements, two copied pages of family information found in the front of a family bible.

Guide to the Storla Family History Collection

The Storla family history describes the history of the family, from Gol, Hallingdal, Norway.  It also includes information about Norway and about their lives as pioneers in North America.

Guide to the John Storseth Biography

A brief biography of John Storseth (1863 – 1946), an immigrant from Hemne, Norway, who became a successful businessman and community leader in Poulsbo, Washington.

Guide to the John H. Strande Family History

Brief family history of John H. Strande and his family.

Guide to the Magnar Strand Autobiography

An autobiography of Magnar Strand, a Norwegian immigrant.

Guide to The Stromme Collection

The Stromme collection consist of sagas about the lineages connecting to the Strömme family, going back to year 1280. Several documents and letters related to the family are transcribed by the author and included in the collection

Guide to the Svanøe Family History

Collection contains information on the history of the Svanøe family from Svanøy, Norway, 1992 – 1994.

Guide to Svea Male Chorus Program

Svea Male Chorus spring concert program dated May 18, 1928. Lists honorary, active, and associate members.

Guide to the Svend Svendson Sneve Biography

A biographical sketch of Norwegian immigrant Svend Svendson Sneve and family.

Guide to Svenskar I Seattle News Article

News article, titled Svenskar i Seattle, in the newspaper Svenska Posten, published April 7th 1976 by Scandinavian Studies faculty at University of Washington.

Guide to the Jens Fredericksen Svinth Autobiography

Recollections of Rev. Jens Fredericksen Svinth, written in 1924.

Guide to Swedish Council of America

Program of the Great Swedish Heritage and America’s Swede of the Year Awards for 2002 is included in this collection. The winner of the award was Marilyn Carlson Nelson.

Guide to the Swedish Immigrant Jubilee Correspondence

This collection includes two letters of correspondence both from Brian B. Magnusson as well as Sheets with financial information about the Jubilee.

Guide to the Swedish Order of Valhalla Collection

Records documenting the foundation, organization, management, and hosted events of the Swedish Order of Valhalla from the years 1884 to 1989.

Guide to the Swedish Tercentenary Program

A program commemorating the 300th Anniversary of Swedish people in America (1638-1938), beginning with the establsihment of the first Swedish Settlement in Delaware.

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Guide to the Zakarius Martin Taftezen Collection

This collection contains the original and copy of two overviews of the life of Norwegian immigrant, Zakarias Martin Taftezen, including information about the dedication of the Taftezen Memorial; a handwritten letter by Grace Ryan Cornwell; and a brief summary of Zakarias’ brother Christian.

Guide to the Thorsteinson Family History

The saga of two Point Roberts pioneers, Dagbjort and Helgi Thorsteinson, 1975.

Guide to the Gulbrandsen-Thronson Saga

A collection of stories, diaries, and personal accounts compiled into a single book on the history of the Gulbrandsen-Thronson family.

Guide to the Tollefson Family History Collection

Family history of Norwegian immigrant families the Tollefsons and Egstads written by Arnold Hagen in 1976.

Guide to the Thor C. Tollefson Collection

This collection consists of two versions, English and Norwegian, of remarks given by the Honorable Thor C. Tollefson of the House of Representatives on 5 May 1953. He spoke before the House about the contributions of Norwegian-Americans to American life.

Guide to the Arthur Torgerson Family History

The collection consists of a biography of Arthur Torgerson and family reminiscences, in addition to original personal and legal documents such as his baptismal record and citizenship records. Also included are Norwegian language clippings, a genealogical list of Torger Olson’s first and second family members, and Arthur’s application for a homestead in Canada.

Guide to the Torske Klubben 35th Anniversary Collection

One program for the 35th anniversary and a leaflet with the speech for the occasion by Judge Gunnar H. Nordby.

Guide to the Trondsen-Øystad Families Genealogical Chart

Genealogical chart of the Trondsen/Øysten families beginning in 1606 with Erik Trondsen.

Guide to the Carl O. Tweiten Autobiography

This collection consists of the autobiography of Carl O. Tweiten, born 1909, Deming, Washington, notably an account of his adventures in Alaska in the 1930s, and a description of Sirdal, Norway, where he lived from age eleven to eighteen.

Guide to the Nils Harald Tornbacken Biography

Life of Swedish immigrant Nils-Harald and his family.

Guide to the Tångdala Farm History

English translation of a 1955 article about 70-year-old Per Svensson and the history of his home, Tångdala Farm, in Skåne, Sweden.

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Guide to the Ulnes Family History Collection

History of the Ulnes family farm in Norway, beginning in 1528 with owners Syver and Amund Ulnes. In 1612, another Syver Ulnes took over the farm, and it changed hands many times over the years. This recorded history ends in 1966.

Guide to the Martin Ulvestad Collection

The collection consists of one published leaflet on martin Ulvestad, a Norwegian-American author and historian, 1919.

Guide to the United Scandinavian Singers Programs

Annual programs from the United Scandinavian Singers from the years 1936-1947, a program for the 17th of May festival in 1904, and a statement sheet from 1944.

Guide to the Reminiscences of an Unknown Immigrant

This is the autobiographical account of an unknown Norwegian immigrant who came to America with his family when he was eleven years old and settled in Wisconsin. 1954

Guide to the Nils Urness and Juditha Batalden Collection

Contains a scrapbook titled: From the fjord lands to the flat lands: The Ancestors and Descendants of Nils O. Urness and Juditha Batalden.

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Guide to the Knut Vaa Biography
The collection consists of a biography of Knut Vaa written by his son, Edwin Vaa. It contains information on emigration, settling in, and family life. It also includes a section with information on the descendants of Knut and Gunhild Vaa.

Guide to the Swedish Order of Valhalla Collection

Records documenting the foundation, organization, management, and hosted events of the Swedish Order of Valhalla from the years 1884 – 1989.

Guide to the Vasa Order of America Collection

The newsletters, programs, correspondence, and meeting minutes of the Vasa Order of America and its District Lodge no. 13.

Guide to the Abraham Vereide Collection

A biography of Abraham Vereide commemorating the 75th anniversary of his emigration from Norway to the US in 1905.

Guide to Vestkysten’s Nordmørslag Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for Vestkysten’s Nordmørslag, dating from January 1936 to 1968.

Guide to the scrapbook Viking Med Officerer og Mandskab

Scrapbook dealing with the history and crew members of the “ Viking” with its officers and crew that sailed from Norway across the Atlantic to the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.

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Guide to the Olaf Walseth Collection

Collection consists of eleven letters written by Olaf Walseth of Trondheim, Norway, 1922 – 1928

Guide to the Knud Wefald Collection

File contains Library of Congress information and letters.

Guide to the Olaus Westbo Correspondence

Letters in Norwegian from B.O. Berge of Ottawa, Illinois, to his cousin Hilda Espedal in Noway, written from 1937-1939. File also contains clippings with photographs of Olaus Westbo and his wife, and a 1983 letter written in English from Professor Janet Rasmussen to Mr. Karl Schultz of Illinois.

Guide to the Ivar and Lillian (Hallquist) West Collection

Photographs and personal papers of Ivar and Lillian (Hallquist) West.

Guide to the Westling Family Collection

A family directory for the Westling family, originating from the Dalarna, Sweden area.

Guide to the White Family History Collection

This is a short biography of the White Family.

Guide to the translation of the book of the Fifteenth Wisconsin  Regiment

Translation of Kristofer Janson’s book The Fifteenth Wisconsin by Harry T. Cleven

Guide to the Johannes B. Wist Biographical Information 

A memorial tract for Johannes B. Wist, 1864 – 1923.

Guide to the Wolltveit-Hagen-Neset Family Collection

This collection details each family’s known history prior to immigration and then follows family members and their current accomplishments in the U.S.

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Guide to the Eulogy for Matthias Pedersen Øien

A biographical account of Matthias Pedersen Øien, 1867 – 1893.

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