Art & Design Artistic Achievement Award 2019-20

Application Deadline is February 15, 2019. Applications received after deadline are accepted, but will be considered second round applications. Awards in second round consideration may or may not be available. 

Supplementary Material

Include a brief summary of your creative work/experience up to this date, why you would like to study art at PLU's Department of Art & Design, what you hope to gain from your experience and what your goals are after your time at the University.

Please provide an artist resume, which includes any shows, commissions, or projects you have been involved with, this could include art courses taken, collaborations, or other creative endeavors. 

Please upload your portfolio as a compressed ZIP (.zip) archive that is no larger than 20MB. In your portfolio please include no more than 15 images in JPG format. The largest side of your image should be no more than 2000px and a resolution of 72dpi.Upload in the order you will talk about them. This is required for both in-person and electronic portfolio reviews. Please note that form uploads cannot exceed 20MB for the entire application. Please email with any questions. 

Portfolio Review

I request consideration for an Art and Design Artistic Achievement Award for the 2019-20 academic year. I understand that to receive this award I must declare my major as a BA or BFA by December 1 of my first year. 

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