ASPLU strives to provide students with thoughtful, engaging and fun events year-round.

Along with dances and LollaPLUza, ASPLU Programs works to host events all year. Other Programs events include a trip to the Seattle Sounders game, Puppy Therapy, Football game rallies, and hosting advocacy groups such as Liberty in North Korea.

Homecoming and Spring Formal happen in their respective semesters. Dances have been held at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, on a boat, Emerald Downs, and EMP. 

Need some help getting past hump day? We understand. ASPLU presents Highly Unstructured Midweek Procrastination, or HUMP. Every Wednesday The Cave (lower AUC) features a variety of entertainment options. Some of the great HUMP events include cookie breaks, concerts and game nights!

Every Friday or Saturday, join us for an exciting Late Night Program! LNP events include Laser Tag, Fish n’ Chips Bingo, movie showings and craft night. To find out about Late Night events find us on Facebook at “Late Night Programming at PLU.”

Interested in helping create amazing on-campus?

ASPLU events are separated into three categories: Traditional, Weekly and Special events.

  • Traditional Events include annual events such as Homecoming, Spring Formal and LollaPLUza
  • Weekly Events focuses on planning stress-free, fun and exciting games and activities for HUMP
  • Special Events creates Open Mic Night, and hosts concerts and speakers in The Cave

Email Programs Director, Andrew Larsen at for volunteer opportunities. Also, be sure to check the Career Connections Page for one of our Programmer positions.