Carson Bergstrom

Honorary ASPLU Member

  • Biography


For this year, Carson plans on using his new position for furthering student advocacy. Maintaining a commitment to making a campus that is physically accessible for all is a high priority for this year. He also has a deep sense of pride in being a Lute and hopes to share in this pride through action based retention strategies involving collaboration projects across the campus and the greater Parkland community. These projects include the installment of a rock wall on campus, syncing the university’s vast resources and promoting the ties between the PLU campus and surrounding communities. The administration has already seen strides being made toward these goals involving third spaces and outside renovations at PLU. He also serves as the Parking Appeals Committee Chairman and welcomes any student concerned about parking to talk with him. His commitments to diversity, justice and sustainability line up well with advancing the campus towards equality through means of equity and diversity. Sharing in a multitude of intersecting identities himself, he hopes to act as a welcoming ally and advocate for those who need it on campus and beyond. His door is always open to talk. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact him. He is looking forward to a great year and meeting with you all!


His office hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 1-3 PM: AUC 135

Wednesday 1-3 PM: Rieke Main Lobby