Christopher Escobedo

Class of 2025 Senator


  • Biography


I am a father of five, Chicano Indigenous American that has the Will and fortitude to End Racism in our Motherland of the United States of America. I plan on educating the staff and students of PLU about Chicanos, our contributions to society and our Genocide. I plan on reclaiming our spaces that are meant for Justice from the gatekeepers that have stood in the way of my brothers and sisters of PLU. I call on Allies to start saying Land acknowledgment means you acknowledge that this land belongs to, since the beginning of time, Indigenous Americans and that you will eventually give this land back to indigenous Americans including all Chicanos/Latinos/Hispanics to Legislate and protect our all people in our Motherland until the end of time.

Major(s) & Minor(s): Criminal Justice & Pre-Law