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Haedon Brunelle

Class of 2019 Senators

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Professional
  • Personal

Additional Titles/Roles

  • Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee



Why did you join ASPLU?

I joined ASPLU to represent the Class of 2019, as well as to be a voice for the advocates of those who work to see PLU to become a more accessible campus, both physically and mentally.


Current Project:

Meet with Facilities & Management to see if they’d like to talk with the RHA Accessibility Committee to inform us with what their plan is for bringing PLU up to ADA Regulations.

Have the Accessibility Committee become involved in the Tunnel of Oppression with the Diversity Center. As well as have the Accessibility Committee focus more on mental accessible issues, such as providing online learning opportunities with students with disabilities and athletes who have to miss class for sports.