Kenzie Gandy

At-Large Senator

Kenzie Gandy, ASPLU Senator
  • Personal


Why did you join ASPLU?

PLU emphasizes making our campus a welcoming and inviting community. Creating a safe and nurturing climate is the starting point for any transformation to occur and affects how an environment responds to change, particularly here at PLU. I want to use my voice to vouch for those who might otherwise be silenced. I want PLU’s commitment to diversity, justice, and sustainability be taken seriously. These three words are salient when it comes to creating a thriving and unified campus community.

Current Project:

Currently only faculty have the ability to rent PLU-provided laptops while students are not able to. I find this to be a problem so I am working towards making it possible for laptops to be rented out to students. All students should have access to resources like this on campus considering not everyone has the privilege of owning their own laptop which an extremely helpful tool to have in college.

Office Hours:

Wednesdays: 1-2pm