Mei-Yun Loya

Class of 2022 Senator

  • Biography


Mei-Yun Loya is passionate about social justice for the underrepresented groups both in the community and on campus. As a woman of color she understands the need for these communities’ (and others’ like them) voices to be heard and faces to be seen. For the upcoming year Mei-Yun plans on presenting and passing Bills and Resolutions that not only recognize but ensure action is being taken towards helping those who need it. She will establish this need directly from YOU- the students on campus. Her goal, ultimately is to: 1. Represent you, however you feel she is needed, and 2. Be a source of support for you, your movements, social groups, and club needs. So please come see her or contact her with issues that you feel need to be addressed on campus, to invite her to an invent you are a part of, or even just to talk

Her office hours are Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:00-4:00.