About University & Faculty Committees

These committees are made up of professional staff, faculty, and student representatives, and meet regularly throughout the academic year.  They discuss and make decisions regarding important university functions.

Student representative applications for University & Faculty Committees for the 2021-22 year have ended.  However, you are welcome to attend the weekly ASPLU Senate Meetings to hear updates from the student representatives that are on committees!

Reach out to asplupres@plu.edu for more information.

Short Video About the Role of Student Representatives on Committees

University Committees

This committee strives to welcome diversity, encourage mutual respect, nurture spiritual lives, and protect religious freedom by providing feedback on administrative and functional improvement to campus ministry.

This committee provides feedback on administrative and functional improvement of campus safety.

This committee studies and analyzes key issues regarding future directions and priorities of the university such as the University Academic Statement, the University Diversity Statement, and the PLU strategic plan.

This committee sets rules, guidelines, and makes administrative decisions in regards to Parking on campus.

This committee is chaired with the ASPLU President and implements strategies listed in the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2018-2023) to optimize recruitment, retention, and graduation rates.

This committee is chaired with the ASPLU Finance Director and recommends tuition prices and other fee prices to the Board of Regents. In addition, they will make initial proposals on how to budget for specific departments. 

This committee makes decisions regarding Title IX cases and initiatives, with the goal of improving gender equity.   

Faculty Committees

This committee oversees and makes recommendations for revisions such as FYEP, IHON and General Education curriculums at PLU.

This committee studies problems and make recommendations surrounding academic policy, including the regular semester, January term, summer school, graduate division, and continuing education programs.

This committee reviews and recommends policies relative to recruitment, rank, promotion, and tenure of the faculty and to act in an advisory capacity to the administration relative to application of these policies to individual members of the faculty.

This committee reviews and oversees off-campus curricular matters related to global education programs and initiatives, to advise the Wang Center on policies and procedures related to global education, and to advocate for global education across the campus.

This committee reviews issues and sets priorities related to information technology, learning spaces and the library, in order to reflect the needs of the faculty and students of the university. 

This committee considers in a coordinative fashion matters pertaining to the academic aspects of university life.