What are bills and resolutions?

Bills are pieces of legislation that the ASPLU Senate pass that involve the transferring of money. Through passing bills, we are able to collaborate with other groups on campus by providing funding. We also fund our own events and initiatives that our senators and directors organize.

Resolutions are pieces of legislation that either make changes that do not involve the transfer of money or to speak on the values of ASPLU. We pass resolutions in order to publicly announce our actions or initiatives we support.

2018-2019 Highlights

  • Allocating funds toward the Students of Color Retreat
  • Allocating funds toward the Queer Student Retreat
  • Announcing support for Senator Maria Cantwell’s presence on campus at the October 8th Senate Debate
  • Affirming commitment to justice by taking a stand against the Northwest Detention Center

2017-2018 Highlights

  • Allocate over $8,000 towards the construction of a wheelchair ramp in Stuen Hall with a projected start date of July 24th, 2018 to promote awareness of accessibility issues.
  • Funding the Diversity Center J-Term Book Groups
  • Funding refreshments at events like the Town Halls on Accessibility and Sustainability, FAFSA/WASFA Workshop, and the Día De Los Muertos event
  • The announcement of our support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and stating that we will take an active stance in learning about the movement and encouraging other PLU students and administration to do the same
  • The announcement of our support of Trans, Intersex, and Gender Nonconforming communities and encouraging more resources to be made available

Want to know more?

To get a sense of our values and how we support our community, check out our legislation archives.