ASPLU is delighted to help you finance events on campus and out-of-pocket expenses for events off campus. That being said, we have some guidelines for funding requests:

  1. We strongly prefer funding requests that reflect the university’s values of diversity, justice, and sustainability (DJS). The Senate evaluates DJS based on content of a program or event and community impact. It is important to us that students from a diverse range of identities and experiences can all benefit from activities we sponsor.
  2. When possible, we prefer you seek funding from a variety of sponsoring organizations in addition to ASPLU. This enables ASPLU to help fund as many events and programs as possible throughout the year while working within our budget.
  3. Please submit a funding request no later than three weeks before you need funding. This will give us ample time to write, discuss, and vote on your proposed bill.


Feel free to reach out to with any questions!