Commitment to Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability

ASPLU embraces our university’s values of diversity, justice, and sustainability (DJS). This is because DJS is necessary in living out the mission of PLU as a whole: inquiry, service, leadership, and care.

Mission Statement

Our mission as the Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University is to promote the growth of the collective student body community as a whole, while actively encouraging the advancement of the individual.

DJS Statement

Our DJS statement is currently being revised!  Senate Resolution 6, which proposes changes to the ASPLU DJS statement, was presented at our Senate meeting on 11/10/20.

We are currently hoping to receive student feedback on the changes, before we pass them.  Please take a few minutes to read the proposed changes, and fill out the feedback form with your thoughts!

If you would like to attend our virtual Senate meeting next week to comment publicly, and hear the senate discussion, please email for the meeting link.