Mission Statement

We instill in all our students an appreciation for the diversity of life, a sense of amazement and curiosity about life and life processes, and an understanding of the scientific method used to satisfy that curiosity. We create an inclusive learning environment that encourages student-faculty collaboration and allows both students and faculty to achieve their full potential as scientists, independent thinkers, and globally responsible citizens.

Professor Egge with students in river
Professor Jacob Egge's collecting samples with students in the Nisqually River, 2017.
Dr. Seidel with students
Professor Shannon Seidel with research students, 2017
Professor Matt Smith with students
Professor Matt Smith listens to a student's poster presentation in Rieke, 2018
Professors Behrens and Schutz with students on beach.
Professor Mike Behrens shows an Ochre Starfish to students (and Professor Heidi Schutz) during a low tide field trip, 2019.
Dr. Amy Siegesmund in lab with students.
Professor Amy Siegesmund in Biology lab with students, 2018.
Jacob Egge with students in woods.
Professor Jacob Egge shows students a frog in Capitol Forest, 2017.