Joseph Rossano: Vanity

 With prose by Sandra I. Berríos-Torres, MD

The species accounts below were authored by PLU students Maya Bamba, Jason Parillo, Bennett Bugbee, Kate Durost, Jessica Carrasco, Tory Rivera, and Jax Robinson as part of the art exhibition Vanity at PLU in the PLU University Gallery from September 27-November 3, 2017. The accounts were generated as part of the BIOL 354 course, Natural History of Vertebrates, taught by Dr. Jacob Egge in June 2017. Each account was edited by Sandra Berrios-Torres, M.D. and Jacob Egge, Ph.D.


Northwestern Salamandar

Coastal Tailed Frog

Common Ensatina

Pacific Chorus Frog

Oregon Spotted Frog


Buffalo Sculpin

Northern Clingfish

Red Irish Lord

Spotted Ratfish

Western River Lamprey

Sailfin Sculpin

English Sole


Jewel Beetles

Brush-Footed Butterflies

Scarab Beetles


Mountain Beaver

Big Brown Bat

Northern Flying Squirrel


Townsend’s Mole

Western Gray Squirrel

Western Spotted Skunk


Northern Rubber Boa

Northern Alligator Lizard


Professor Jens W. Knudsen, Ph.D.