2017-18 School of Business Intellectual Contributions

Journal Articles
(excludes accepted and forthcoming)

Chan, L., & Daim, T. (2018). A research and development decision model for pharmaceutical industry. R&D Management, 48 (2), 223 – 242.

Cao, R., Freitas, C., Chan, L., Sun, M., Jiang, H., & Chen, Z. (2017). ProLanGO: Protein Function Prediction Using Neural Machine Translation Based on a Recurrent Neural Network. Molecules, 22 (10), 1732

Chen, C., & Kieschnick, R. (2018). Bank Credit and Corporate Working Capital Management. Journal of Corporate Finance, 48, 579-596.

Flick, R. W. (2018). The Condemnation Value of a Waterfront Ocean View for a Beach Dune Replenishment Project.  Real Estate Law Journal, 46(4), 493–532

Lee, H., Ha, K., & Kim, Y.  (2017), “Marketing Expense and Financial Performance in Arts and Cultural Organizations”, International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing.

Wang, J. “Symmetric and Asymmetric Nonlinear Causalities Between Oil Prices and the U.S. Economic Sectors” with Geoffrey Ngene, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Vol. 49, No. 4, 2017.

Zhang, Q.  & Seetharam, P. B.  (2018). Assessing Lifetime Profitability of Customers with Purchasing Cycles. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 36 (2), 276-289.

Conference Presentations and Proceedings

Clifford, N.R.*, Mulder, M.R., & Liu, R. (2017). Consumption’s Final Act: What Policymakers Can Learn about Waste Diversion By Understanding the Consumer Temporal Perspective & Mental Simulation. Proceedings of the American Marketing Association Marketing and Public Policy Conference, Washington, D.C.

*Graduate Student Mentoring Research Project

Flick, R. W. (2018).  When is Temporary Flooding a Taking?  The Constitutional, Legal and Practical Application of Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. United States.

Gibson, L.K., Finnie, B.W., & Stuart, J. (2014, June). The Fisher Debt Cycle: A behavioral approach. Western Economic Association International Conference. June 27 – July 2. Denver, CO.

Ha, K., & Lee, H.  (2017).  Long-Term Dynamic Interactions between Marketing Expense and Revenue in a Nonprofit Art and Cultural Organization, Marketing Science Conference, Los Angeles, CA, June 2017.

Lee, H., Ha, K.  & Kim, Y.  (2017).  Explore Marketing Expense in Arts and Cultural Organizations,” NEDSI Conference, Springfield, MA, March 2017

Lee, H., Ha, K., & Kim, Y.  2017).  The Relationship between Product Portfolio Innovation and Marketing in Professional Theater,” ARNOVA Conference, Grand Rapids, MI November 2017.

Lee, C.-S., Chan, L., & McNabb, D. E. (2017). The Role of Strategic Orientation in Business Innovation. In 2017 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET). https://doi.org/10.23919/picmet.2017.8125241

Pratt, C.  (2017). A Model for Indentifying Family & Business History Influences across Generations:  Recognizing the past and building the future.  Presented at Family Firm Institute 2017 Research and Education Symposium, Chicago, IL, October 28, 2017.

Zhang, Q.  (2017).  Examining the Effects of Product Categories on Consumers’ Spending in Multiple Retail Formats.  The 45th (2017) Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference; May 24, 2017; Coronado, CA.

Zhang, Q.  (2017).  How Merchandising Programs of Individual Products Affect Consumer Spending in Retail Formats: A Multivariate Tobit Model. China International Marketing Conference 2017; July 15, 2017; University of International Business Economics, Beijing, China.

Related:  Zhang, Q.  (2017).  How Merchandising Programs of Individual Products Affect Consumer Spending in Retail Formats: A Multivariate Tobit Model.  Invited Research Seminar; July 17, 2017; Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing, China.

Other Intellectual Contributions

Mulder, M.R.,
Rush, C. & Beiermann, A. (2017). Digging Deep: How a Quest for Clean Water Transforms Communities and Learners. Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Minneapolis, MN.

Flick, R.  (2017).  Textbook Teaching Materials.  Authored all of the publisher-provided PowerPoint presentations, chapter outlines, supplemental test bank questions, and teaching guides for Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business 3e by Victor Lopez (Textbook Media).

Student/Faculty Law Blog:  Student/Faculty Research.  Flick – Established and published a business law blog which features research and writing completed in collaboration with students in the BUSA303 course.  Eventually, I anticipate that some of these basic articles will turn into academic papers.  The blog is publicly available at www.lutebizlaw.org.

Trade Journal Publications

Flick, Ralph W. (2018).  The Mechanics of a Merger.  NW Lawyer, 72(2), 28-33.

Flick, Ralph W. (2018).  Summoned: A Lawyer’s View from Inside the Jury Room.  NW Lawyer, 72(3), 22-27.

Zhang, Q.  (2018, February 1).  Study: Consumers not loyal to one store.” Supermarket News.

Zhang, Q.  (2018, February 15).  Will scanning apps and new retail ‘experiences’ change your shopping habits?  The News Tribune.

School of Business Research and Teaching Symposium

Chan, L.  (2017).  Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship.  October 13, 2018, Tacoma.

Liu, X.  (2018).  A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Accounting Student Performance: Evidence from China.  April 13, 2018, Tacoma.

Flick, R.  (2017).  The Fair Value of a View: Storm Surges, Sand Dunes and Eminent Domain.  November 10, 2017, Tacoma.  (A summary precursor to the Sand Dunes article that was published by the Real Estate Law Journal).