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Business Faculty Research

School of Business Scholarship

The faculty of the School of Business at PLU are committed to scholarship and maintain active research agendas in their respective fields. The following list provides a sample of recent academic publications.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Mooney, T. and Shim, H. (forthcoming 2015). Does financial synergy provide a rationale for conglomerate mergers? Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies. [accepted 2015]

Boeh, K.K., and Dunbar, C. (2014). IPO Waves and the Issuance Process. Journal of Corporate Finance, 25:455-473.

Sarker, S., Chakraborty, S., Tansuhaj, P., Mulder, M.R., & Dogerlioglu Demir, K. (forthcoming 2014). The “Mail-Order-Bride” (MOB) Phenomenon in the Cyberworld: An Interpretive Investigation. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems. (accepted 2013)

Radighieri, J. & Mulder, M.R. (forthcoming 2014). The Impact of Source Effects and Message Valence on Word of Mouth Retransmission. International Journal of Market Research. (accepted 2013)

Lee, C.-S., and Ho., J.C. (2013). A multiple perspectives analysis of culture and technology management: A Korean case, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 10(1).

May, D.R. & Luth, M.T. (2013). The effectiveness of ethics education: A quasi-experimental study. Science and Engineering Ethics, 19(2): 545-568.

MacDonald, D. (2013). Managing risk by shifting it to consumers: Responsible business behavior? Journal of Accounting and Finance, 13(1), 45-57.

Ostrom, A.S., Anderson, L., Rosenbaum, M.S., Corus, C., Fisk, R. P., Gallan, A.S., Mende, M., MulderM.R., Giraldo, M., Rayburn, S.W., Shirahada, K., & Williams, J.D. (2013). Transformative Services Research: An Agenda for the Future. Journal of Business Research, 66 (8), 1203-1210.

Boeh, K. & Beamish, P. (2012). Travel time and the liability of distance in foreign direct investment: Location choice and entry mode. Journal of International Business Studies,42(5), 525-535.

Liu, M., Brock, J., Shi, G., Chu, R., & Tseng, T. (2013). Perceived benefits, perceived risk, and trust; Influences on consumers’ group buying behavior. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. 25(2), 225-248.

Gibson, L., Finnie, B., McNabb, D., & Peters, S. (2012). Balancing economic and environmental sustainability in public policy: Gold mining reform. Southeast Case Research Journal9(1), 45-60.

Ince, U. & Owers, J. (2012). The interaction of corporate dividend policy and capital structure decisions under differential tax regimes. Journal of Economics and Finance36(1), 33-57.

Datar, V., Emm, E., & Ince, U. (2012). Going public through the back door: A comparative analysis of SPACs and IPOs. Banking and Finance Review4(1).

Hsieh, P. & Lee, C.-S. (2012). A note on value creation in consumption-oriented regional service clusters. Competitiveness Review, 22(2), 170-180.

Hsieh, P., Lee, C.-S., & Ho, J. (2012). Strategy and process of value creation and appropriation in service clusters. Technovation: The International Journal of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management32(7/8), 430-439.

Mobus, J.L. (2012). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting by BP: Revealing or Obscuring Risks? Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, 15(2), pp. 35-52.

Colarelli, S., Monnot, M., Ronan, G., & Roscoe, A. (2012). Administrative assumptions in top-down selection: A test in graduate school admission decisions. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 61(3), 498-512.

Boeh, K. K. (2011). Contracting costs and information asymmetry reduction in cross-border M&A, Journal of Management Studies, 48(3), 568-590.

Boeh, K.K. & Beamish, P.W. (2011). Connecting flights: The time sink that kills profits,Harvard Business Review, December 2011, 30.

Boeh, K. & Southam, C. (2011). Impact of initial public offering coalition on deal completion. Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, 13(4), 313-336.

Liu, M., & Brock, J. (2011). Selecting a Female Athlete Endorser in China: The Effect of Attractiveness, Match-up, and Consumer Gender Difference. European Journal of Marketing, 45(7/8), 1214-1235.

Emm, E.E. & Ince, U. (2011). Systemic risk and competition in OTC derivatives dealing: Evidence from client failures, Managerial Finance, 37(12), 1161 – 1189.

Ho, J.C. & Lee, C.-S. (2011). Factors underlying personalization adoption: Case of mobile telephony. International Journal of Services Technology and Management, 15(3/4), 281-297.

Ho, J., Liu, H., & Lee, C.-S. (2011). Technology evaluation process and its influential strategic factors: Cases in Taiwan semiconductor sector. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 23(9), 931-946. Lead article.

Hsieh, P., & Lee, C.-S. (2011). Leveraging technology to diminish hostility in service recovery. International Journal of Operations Research. 8(4). 10-18.

MacDonald, D. (2011). When risk management collides with enterprise sustainability. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 8(3), 56-66.

Mobus, J. (2011). Developing collective intentionality and writing the rules of the game for environmental reporting: A content analysis of SOP 96-1 comment letters. Accounting and the Public Interest, 11, 68-95.

Monnot, M. J., Wagner, S., & Beehr, T. A. (2011). A contingency model of union commitment and participation: Meta-analysis of the antecedents of militant and nonmilitant activities. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 32(8), 1127-1146.

Park, H., Monnot, M. J., Jacobs, A., & Wagner, S. W. (2011). Moderators of the relationship between person-job fit and subjective well-being among Asian employees. International Journal of Stress Management, 18(1), 67-87.

Rosenbaum, M.S., Canan, C., Ostrom, A.L., Anderson, L., Fisk, R.P., Gallan, A.S., Mende, M., MulderM.R., Giraldo, M., Rayburn, S.W., Shirahada, K. & Williams, J.D. (2011). Conceptualization and Aspirations of Transformative Service Research. Journal of Research for Consumers, (19).

Plant, W., Pratt, C., & McCann, J. E. (2011). Ethical Practices and Regulatory Context of Family Businesses. Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 3.

Liu, M.T. & Brock, J. L. (2010). Antecedents of redemption of reward points: Credit card market in China and international comparison. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, XXII (1), 33-45.

Lee, C.-S., Chen, Y., & Ho. J.C. (2010). An integrated framework for managing knowledge-intensive service innovation. International Journal of Services Technology and Management. 13(1/2), 20-39.

Lee, C.-S., and Hsieh, P. (2010). Disruptive Business Model Innovations in E-philanthropy. International Journal of Intercultural Information Management, 2(1), pp.79-95.

Lee, C.-S., and Ho, J.C. (2010). A Framework for Analyzing Business Model Innovation in Mobile Commerce, Journal of International Technology and Information Management. 19(4), pp.37-60.

MacDonald, D. (2010). A hybrid approach to teaching ethics to business school undergraduates. Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 6(2), 61-70.

Tuzovic, S. (2010). Frequent (flier) frustration and the dark side of word-of-web: Exploring online dysfunctional behavior in online feedback forums. Journal of Services Marketing, 24(6), 446-457.

Finsterwalder, J. & Tuzovic, S. (2010). Quality in Group Service Encounters. Managing Service Quality, 20(2), 109-122.

Finsterwalder, J., O’Steen, B., & Tuzovic, S. (2010). Service-learning through multiple client-sponsored projects in an MBA marketing course. Journal of Adult Learning Aotearoa New Zealand (JALANZ), 38(2), 71-91.

Hadwich, K., Georgi, D., Tuzovic, S., Büttner, J., & Bruhn, M. (2010). Perceived quality of e-health services: A conceptual scale development of e-health service quality based on the C-OAR-SE approach. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 4(2), 112-136.