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Business Research Series

Research at the School of Business

The faculty of business hosts an ongoing series of academic research seminars as part of its commitment to scholarship.  The seminars are open to all members of the PLU community. Seminar topics (or papers) should be relevant to a business discipline and typically (but are not limited to) original research or a focus on new/unique/interesting research methods.

The research committee encourages speakers from outside the School of Business, with a particular emphasis on cross-disciplinary research, and research that relates to the School of Business mission statement. Contact a member of the research committee to express interest in speaking or leading a seminar.

Upcoming Seminars:


Past Seminars:

April 2015
Title: Socially Responsible Investing
Presenter: Darcy Johnson and Dr. Ufuk Ince

February 2015
Title: Inclusion and Diversity in the Boardroom
Presenter: Dr. Ruth Berstein

November 2014

Title: Design and Development of MBA Course on Organizational Cognitive Neuroscience for Managers and Leaders
Presenter: Dr. Linda Gibson

May 2014

Title: Term Structure Estimation With Missing Data
Presenter: Dr. Krisztina Nagy
Day: Friday, May 9th, 2014
Time: 10:20-11:15am
Location: Morken #103

April 2014

Title: How to Raise $1M in Research Grants in 24 Hours – Limited Seating
Presenter: Rich Hines, Director of Grants, PLU
Day: Friday, April 11th, 2014
Time: 10:20-11:15am
Location: Morken #103

March 2014

Title:  Seeking 19 Co-authors for Faculty-Student Research Papers
Presenter: Dr. Ufuk Ince

December 2013

Title: Notice the Brand Name? See the Logo? Check Out the Design? Brand Signaling Importance and the Consumer
Presenter: Richie Lin Liu, Washington State University

November 2013

Title: Ensuring Successful Undergraduate Research
Presenter: Dr. Jon Grahe, Pacific Lutheran University

October 2013

Title: Conducting Research Using Morningstar
Presenter: Brian Delott, Morningstar Direct
Day: Friday, October 11th, 2013
Time: 10:20-11:15am
Location: Morken #103

May 2013

Title: The Followership of Colin Powell: A Study of the Leader-Follower Paradox
Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey J. Matthews, University of Puget Sound

March 2013

Title: Is the Role of Marketing Diminishing? A Cross-Cultural, Multi-Industry Comparison
Presenter: Dr. Sven Tuzovic, PLU
Title: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
Presenter: Dr. Janet Mobus, PLU

December 2012

Topic: Let’s Talk About Us: An Empirical Examination of Relational Attributions and Employee Reactions to Performance-Related Events

Presenter: Dr. Marion Eberly, University of Washington, Tacoma

November 2012

Topic: Why did the equity home bias fall during the financial panic of 2008?
Presenter: Matthew Wynter, Ohio State University

Topic: Innovation and Value Creation
Presenter:Dr. Chung Lee

Topic: IPOs in Registration
Presenter: Dr. Kevin Boeh

October 2012

Topic: Business Simulation and Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Dr. Kory Brown, Pacific Lutheran University

Topic:Effect of Induced Entrepreneurial Coherence Goals
Speaker:Dr. Peter Boyle, Central Washington University

May 2012

Topic: Currency Denomination Decision and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Global Bonds
Speaker: Bo Han, School of Business, University of Washington

April 2012

Topic: Essays on Investor Protection and the Impact of Globalization of Capital Markets
Speaker: Fan He, School of Business Administration, University of Connecticut

March 2012

Topic: Measuring Behavioral Synchrony with Motion Energy Analysis and the Implications for Better Dyadic Outcomes.
Speaker: Dr. Jon Grahe, Psychology Dept

November 2011:

Topic: The bright and dark sides of empowerment:  Linking a person-centered model of empowerment and job stressors to proactive and counterproductive work behaviors.
Speaker: Matthew Luth, University of Kansas.

October 2011:

Topic: The Act of Decision Making as a Source of Entrepreneurs’ Unwarranted Confidence
Speaker: Dr. Peter Boyle, Central Washington University

May 2011:

Topic: Consumer Generated Anti-Branding in the Digital Age
Speaker:  Dr. S. Umit Kucuk, Central Washington University

April 2011:

Topic: Contribution Strategies in Collaborative Innovation
Speaker:  Dr. Kory Brown

March 2011:

Topic: Hierarchical Linear Modeling Methods and Applications
Speaker:  Dr. Steve Samaha

Topic:  Bloomberg: A workshop on using Bloomberg data in your research
Speaker:  Cody McCormick, Bloomberg L.P.

February 2011:

Topic: Going Public Through the Backdoor: A comparative analysis of SPACs and IPOs
Speaker:  Dr. Ufuk Ince, Seattle University

December 2010:

Topic:  Customer Perceptions about Ancillary Airline Fees – Mad as Hell or Just Ignorant? First Results of an Empirical Study
Speaker: Dr. Sven Tuzovic

November 2010

Topic: The effect of social threat on materialistic consumer behavior
Speaker:  Eric Levy, U Washington

October 2010:

Topic: “Compensation Option, Managerial Incentives, and Risk Taking in Hedge Funds”
Speakers:  Drs. Steven Holland & Ying Li, UW Bothell

September 2010:

Topic: Building a Strong Entrepreneurial Climate: The Role of Formal and Informal Networks
Speaker:  Dr. Lynnette Claire, University of Puget Sound

May 2010:

Topic:          A Multi-Perspective Analysis of Culture and Technology Management: A Korean Case.
Speaker:   Dr. Chung-Shing Lee

April 2010:

Topic:           Good comes from bad: Business sustainability and firm behavior.
Speaker:   Jacob Massoud

March 2010:

Topic:          Do we sell the price discovery short?  Relationship between the stock market and option market during 2008 short sale ban.
Speaker:   Yen-Ling Chang

February 2010:

Topic:          The varying impact of terrorism on investment across political regimes.
Speaker:   Martin Wurm, Econ Dept.

November 2009:

Topic:          Use of Environmentally Friendly Books in Teaching
Speaker:   Dr. Susan Harmon

October 2009:

Topic:          Methods for Content Analysis
Speakers:   Dr. David Ward, Dr. Janet Mobus