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Internship Resources

Internship Resources

Steps to earning credit for an internship

  1. Research, apply, and interview for your internship.
  2. Choose a full-time business faculty member and ask them to be your sponsor.
  3. Complete the appropriate paperwork.
  4. Register for internship credit through the Internship Office online database.

Preparing for your internship search

Looking for an internship is similar to the job hunting process you will do before graduation. Before starting your internship search, you should have your resume and the framework for a cover letter developed, professional interview apparel selected, practiced interview techniques, and have a fairly clear idea of what type of internship you hope to pursue. Your business faculty can be a terrific resource when trying to decide what type of internship you would most benefit from and what companies you might consider. Your Faculty Advisor may be willing to serve as your internship sponsor once you have landed an internship.

Resources for finding available internships

  1. Weekly Opportunity postings on the BBA site
  2. Use the internship database available through the PLU Career Connections Opportunities Board
  3. Talk with your Faculty Advisor
  4. Contact the Human Resource departments of prospective companies

Earning academic credit for your internship

We encourage you to pursue an internship in preparation for entering the professional workplace. An academic internship becomes an agreement between you, the employer, and your internship faculty advisor about:

  • Objectives to be met
  • Resources and methods to be used, and
  • Documentation of Learning

When you have an internship or want to explore internship requirements, use the Online Learning Agreement Worksheet.

Print that form and then prepare it as a draft to review with your internship faculty sponsor and your employer. When your faculty sponsor has approved this form, enter the information into the Career Connections Opportunities Board system and click on the Career Connections Icon on the right. In the left menu, you will see a “Complete the Internship Learning Agreement” link. Select the term of your internship, click the “Other” tab, then follow through. If you have any questions, please contact the Internship Office at 535-7324.

Using this online process starts a series of approvals from your employer and your faculty sponsor. The final step also registers you for the academic internship. You no longer need to complete a pink registration card.

At the end of the Academic Internship, your faculty member will submit a Pass or Fail grade.