Can I complete my business Courses Pass/Fail?

While our policy prohibits BUSA, BMBA, BMSF and BMSMA classes to be completed in a Pass/Fail status, the School of Business will be following the university’s lead and making an exception to that policy for classes taken in Spring 2020 only.  Any or all classes can be completed with Pass/Fail grading this term. However, it is very important to consider any future implications. If your employer, insurance, future graduate school, etc. have specific grading policies, we recommend that you check with them before deciding to change your grade option.

Can I choose which classes to opt for Pass/Fail?

You can opt for a Pass/Fail in courses you choose. For instance, a student taking four courses might opt for a Pass/Fail in two and leave the other two as normal letter grades.

How will the Pass/Fail choice impact my academic standing?

Your academic standing is not negatively impacted by the Pass/Fail choice.  However, it will not have a positive impact on your GPA either. If you need to raise your GPA to meet the minimum graduation standards (2.50 GPA cum and 3.0 GPA cum for graduate programs) opting to pass/fail may not be the right choice.

When is the Pass/Fail option available?

This extended Pass/Fail is ONLY available for Spring 2020.  Applications for Pass/Fail grading are due to the Registrar by 5:00 pm on April 17, 2020. Extensions after that date and time will not be granted. The Pass/Fail policy and form is located under the Quick Links section on the Registrar’s website.

Which courses can I switch to Pass/Fail?

You can switch to Pass/Fail for any course including business core courses, business minor courses , or graduate courses   This includes the undergraduate capstone course.

What about my classes outside the School of Business?

This temporary policy applies to undergraduate general education requirements. If you have a major or minor in another discipline, you must check with that discipline.

Will the Pass/Fail option affect my certification or licenses?

If you are using these grades for certification or licenses while at PLU or later, you should ensure that Pass/Fail is valid for those purposes. Pass/Fail is allowed for the Washington CPA Exam.

What happens if I opt for a Pass/Fail now, but want a letter grade in the future?

If you opt for a Pass/Fail now, but later want a letter grade for applying to graduate school, you can request a letter from PLU about the true letter grade in that (those) course(s). However, the transcript will not be changed from Pass/Fail.

How will this be recorded on my transcript?

Your transcript will show a P* with an explanation why the P was given for that course.

Who can I consult with while I am making my decision?

Please consult with your academic advisor if you have questions while making your decision. Your advisor is available by email or phone.