2016 Student Research Welcome

My name is Dr. Nancy D. Albers-Miller. I am the Dean of the School of Business at Pacific Lutheran University.  Each year I work with a number of very gifted students working on independent research projects.  The data from these projects are presented at national academic conferences.

You have been directed to this page because we believe that you have the characteristics needed to answer one or more of the surveys on which the students are working. Typically, you must be 18 years of age or older to participate (if young respondents are allowed, it will be noted). There are no risks or benefits to you in participating in this survey. You may choose to participate or not. You may answer only the questions you feel comfortable answering, and you may stop at any time. If you do not wish to participate, you may simply exit the survey, with no penalty to yourself. You may complete as many of the surveys as you are willing and qualified.