Updated Version for Bank of America soon!

When first logging on to the system:

  • The system seems to work best with Explorer
  • TURN OFF your pop-up blocker (under Tools)
  • Delete browsing history (under Tools)
  • Set your browser compatibility view (under Tools, see the below link for details)
  • The system will require you to update your pass phrase. The new pass phrase must be 8 characters and include at least one number or letter (no special characters)

For more information on how to access the system please review the first Purchase card tutorial available at our Documents & Forms page the last page of the tutorial is where you need to set up your compatibility view.

You can download a tutorial by clicking here

If you are unable login or have need assistance with your browser settings after reading through the tutorial, please contact the PLU help desk at ext. 7525.

How to Review or Approve Charges


Click this link to set up your view


Transaction Detail Screen


Review/Approve Transactions


How to View your Monthly Statement



How to Change and Split Accounting Codes


Non-Taxed Goods

PLU must report USE tax. If tax is not assessed on a retail item, please forward a copy of the charge receipt with account numbers noted. Please forward the receipt copy to Accounts Payable by the 15th of the month following the purchase. This includes items purchased online or purchased out of state and sent to PLU.


Initiate disputed transactions on-line. By choosing the appropriate reason, PaymentNet will automatically supply you with any further information fields that are required to complete the dispute.

Select the transaction to dispute, access the detail, and click the Dispute button.

What to Do if Your Card is Lost, Stolen, or Damaged

Always keep your purchase card in a safe place and do not loan your card out. If you lose your card or have your card stolen, contact Visa immediately at (will update soon!). In addition, contact the Business Office at ext. 8867 or ext. 7171.

General Guidelines

Please follow the Purchase Card Guidelines located on the Forms Page. Keep in mind to refrain from using your card on campus and for personal charges. Also, keep original receipts in your department for all purchases including travel away (such as J-term) charged to a different department; make copies of your PLU charge receipts and submit them to the other department. Please contact ext. 8867 if you have questions in reference to the guidelines.