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Campus Calendar - Using the public calendar page

Why can't I find an event that I'm sure is on the calendar?

Try searching with only a portion of the event name or organization. If you still can’t find it, please contact the Event Services Manager at 253-535-7454.

How can I see events past the next 180 days?

If you are an employee or student here at PLU, then you can log into 25Live and see the tentative schedule that extends past the next 180 days.

Scheduler - Entering calendar items

Why can't I log into Scheduler?

Try using your original ePass username. An alias cannot be used here. If you still can’t access, contact the Event Services Manager by phone 253-535-7454.

Why isn't my event showing on the Calendar?

When you made the original reservation did you open the Publish option and click YES? Events are published only after they reach confirmed status and when space managers and resources approved the event logistics. You can see what approvals are pending by clicking your original reservation record. Most reservations should be confirmed in 48 business hours.

Need an event published right away? Contact the Event Services Manager at 253-535-7454.

What are Resources?

Resources are those services that will support your event such as catering, media/audio equipment, stage services, rental furniture, and setup labor. See more about costs at www.plu.edu/events.

What if I need to CANCEL or CHANGE my Reservation?

Use the email feature within Scheduler to communicate cancellations and changes – instructions below. Note: To Avoid Fees notify Conferences and Events by phone if changes or cancellations are within 72 hours of reservation 253-535-7450! Also, send email notification as noted below.

Find the original event reservation, click on “actions” and select “email”. Select the address box “task recipient” to automatically send to events and resource departments associated with your event. Add additional recipient’s emails in the area provided. Within the body of the email, provide a detailed description of cancel or changes. Note the email includes a link to the original reservation so people with PLU Epasses can access Scheduler for details. Conferences and Events will update the original reservation once notified.

What's the difference between Event Name, Subtitle and Description?

All will be published on the web calendar! Be concise, avoid acronyms and abbreviations, and check grammar & spelling. Note off-campus locations and web sites in the description.


Event Name:
Explorations in Egyptian Tombs (use title case here)

Double lecture with Donald P. Ryan and Lawrence M. Berman

In this double lecture, Dr. Donald P. Ryan (PLU Division of Humanities) will provide an update on the recent discoveries of the Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings Project and Dr. Lawrence M. Berman (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) will describe the most amazing contents of Tomb10A which was discovered in 1915 at the site of El-Bersha in Middle Egypt.Tickets are $XX and are available by contacting Campus Concierge, 253-535-xxxx. RSVP required.

University Center 134

What Event Type should I choose?

When your audience is looking for the event on the campus calendar, which one of the filtered lists (on the right) would they most likely select to see your event? Choose the best fit. Also, see events already published on the calendar for an idea of how others are posting and where your’s might fit in best.

Tip: when a reservation is more of an announcement, select “important dates.”

What's the difference between Pre-Event Time and Event Time?

Event time is the actual start and end time of the program. The event is in motion and guests are in their seats. Be precise.

Pre-event time is the time you need in the room for last-minute preparations. Examples of pre-event activities include: speaker practicing PowerPoint, your equipment checks, or setting name tags on tables.

Media Services will use these times to gauge equipment delivery and techs. Catering will use these times to gauge delivery of hot food service. Conferences and Events will have the room ready before the pre-event time.

Ignore the Setup and Takedown fields. This is the where Conferences and Events will estimate the time needed for service crews to setup the rooms in preparation for your Pre-Event time.

I can't find the Location I’m looking for.

Locations are coded with Banner nomenclature so you may need to adjust your search terms. Spaces that are not available for general use won’t appear. Call or email PLU Conferences and Events to inquire about that space: 253-535-7453 or events@plu.edu.

Can I enter an event without a location?

Yes! You can enter events without locations. See our how-to document on how to do this.

What if I don't know the exact Head Count?

Enter the number of guests you are inviting to the event. Enter an anticipated head count for “all-are-invited” events. Double check the location features. Will the layout and size accommodate your activity and number of guests?

Can attendees register for my event?

This feature will be available at a later date.

What are Room Setup Instructions?

Note in this box all of the event details and special needs that aren’t asked for elsewhere. Examples include special ADA support, technical requirements beyond the resource lists, special presenter requirements (need a footstool for podium), catering menu, etc.

Why didn't the Reservation save?

Hitting the “refresh” button or “save” before the last page will abort the process.

Tip: Don’t have time to enter all details? Add only the required data and save. You can come to the reservation later and communicate changes.

What if I don't know the exact date or head count but want to tentatively reserve space?

Overestimate quantities (i.e., tables) and use a tentative date for the reservation. Make sure you cancel unnecessary reservations immediately to avoid fees.

Why can't I edit or change my reservation?

Once a reservation reaches a “confirmed” status, communicate changes or cancellations by accessing the original event and using the “actions” then “email” function. Send an email to the task recipients and add anyone else to the additional recipients section. Task recipients are those resources, events, space managers attached to the original reservation. They will receive that email automatically when the box is check. Provide complete details in the body of the email and send.

If cancellations or changes are within 72 hours, call Event Services immediately. 253-535-7450. Also, send the email noted above with all the details. Please note that fees may apply if cancellation or changes are made within 72 hours.

I need Resources that aren't listed or are more complicated.

Select those resources that do apply from the Resources List AND write instructions about the rest in the Setup Instructions box. For example, if you may want the Catered Lunch option, but desire a special menu, then request the catered lunch resources and make further notes about it in the instructions. Catering will receive your reservation notice via Scheduler and will contact you by phone or email. Conferences and Events will contact you for further details.

What if the name of my Department or Office has changed?

The names of spaces are downloaded from Banner periodically to sychronize with pan-university standards. Legacy data can’t be removed from the calendar and so some names may be visible. If your name changes, please contact the Events Services immediately and staff will manually update your information in the calendar. 253-535-7454.

What if my name has changed?

If your name changes, please contact Event Services to have it updated in the calendar. 253-535-7454.

Do Resources have a cost?

Three profiles for PLU events have been identified and guide costs. View Events for more information.

How can I see more than a week or day at a glance?

Click on Advanced Search Options and then hover your mouse over the date range. When the dialogue box opens showing the calendar, scroll to the bottom and unclick the “week only” option.Then scroll up and select and beginning and end date.

Wordpress - Integrating calendar items into your WordPress web site

How do I get calendar info onto my WordPress web page?

The web team, in Marketing and Communications, designed the WordPress Web Pages to automatically pull dates from the Scheduler and to post them to the web page that matches the sponsoring organization noted in the Scheduler reservation.

Announcements, important dates, off-campus events, and on-campus events can be entered into Scheduler.