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Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on around campus….


Now with 25Live + Google Calendar syncing you can view not only what’s on your schedule but what’s going on around campus at the same time. With all the features of Google Calendar at your disposal you can filter calendar views and receive notifications about events you care about. You can also send out RSVPs and invite your friends and co-workers to join you for campus events.

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Subscribe to any 25Live calendar

Try subscribing to the Event Spotlight calendar here or follow the link below to view a full list of available calendars. If you’re not already logged into your Google account you’ll be prompted to do so before subscribing. Once you add the calendar it’ll show up in your Other Calendars section.

Get access to PLU events anywhere

Feel free to use any app that can subscribe to live iCal feeds, we recommend the Google Calendar app. With the Google Calendar app you can get quick and easy access to all your events and calendars on your phone or tablet. With apps for Android and iOS you’ll be sure to have the best experience on whichever device you use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 25Live?

25Live is the university’s space and event reservation calendar. Use your PLU ePass to log-in and reserve a space or event. See more at www.plu.edu/calendar

I can't subscribe to a calendar

If you are experiencing issues with subscribing to a calendar please submit a Feedback + Questions form or contact us at campuscalendar@plu.edu.

Do I have to use Google Calendar?

No! You can use any software or app that can accept iCal formatted feeds. Calendar for Mac, Microsoft Outlook, and many more! Just check to see if your favorite app accepts live iCal feeds.

How to subscribe to calendar in Calendar for Mac

View and Subscribe to internet calendars in Outlook

How do I unsubscribe from a calendar?

  1. Open Google Calendar on a computer.
  2. Click the settings gear in the top right.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Calendars near the top of the page.
  5. Find the calendar you no longer want access to, and click the Unsubscribe link on the right.

You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to unsubscribe.

Now you no longer have access to the calendar or its events.

Delete or unsubscribe from a calendar – Google Support

I don't see my subscribed calendars being synced to my other devices/services

If you’re using another service or app to view your Google Calendars such as iCal or Calendar on iOS and don’t see calendars you’ve subscribed to from the “Other Calendars” section you can head over to https://www.google.com/calendar/syncselect in your browser and select which calendars you’d like to make available to sync to other devices.

If you don’t see your device/service below or need help with anything else feel free to contact us.

For more info on syncing to to iCal or Calendar of iOS see below:

What about LuteGuide?

Whether you are searching for activities after school today, or wondering what is on the menu for this week, LuteGuide is here to make your college life convenient and fun. Updates and notifications ensure that you are the first to know what is taking place on campus.

Everything from orientation schedules, program registration, to dining menus, or your local favorite cafe, you will find them all in LuteGuide. Get access to schedules, maps, build to-do lists, and plenty more available from downloadable guides exclusively for the mobile app.

Learn More About LuteGuide

I can't find an event

These feeds show only those items that event planners chose to “publish”.  See published and non-published events by logging into R25Live at www.plu.edu/calendar

How do I link my department's 25Live calendar to Google Calendar?

We recommend signing up for an Open Lab session so we can teach you how to find your 25Live calendar iCal feed and how to create a link on your website so users can subscribe quickly. If you have other questions or concerns regarding setup please contact us as marcom@plu.edu.

Sign up for Open Lab

How do I add a "Subscribe to ..." button to my site?

In the Visual Composer for WordPress pages there will be an element called “Subscribe to Google Calendar Button”. You will just need to enter your 25Live Calendars WebName.

We recommend attending an Open Lab session so we can assist you in finding your 25Live calendar WebName.

Sign up for Open Lab

How do I get my off-campus event on these 25Live feeds?

Sign into 25Live and create an event. Select “off-campus” for location. Record the location, website, and contact details in the “Description” field. Select “Publish”.

Can I create an event without a location in 25Live?

Where does the event information come from?

PLU event planners enter their event information into 25live. If the event planner chooses to the option, 25Live will publish that event.

List of 25Live Calendars

Here you’ll find a small list of 25Live calendars that are available for you to download or subscribe to. Some calendaring applications can track live iCal url’s, to get this url right-click on the Download icon next to the calendar you want and select “Copy link location”. Clicking on the red Download button will download the iCal file for a calendar. Clicking the blue Subscribe button will redirect you to Google Calendar where you will be asked to add the calendar to your Other Calendars section. Note: If you are not already signed into your Google account you will be asked to do so before subscribing

Calendar NameDescriptionDownloadSubscribe
Academic CalendarView important academic dates for the school yearDownload the Academic Calendar iCal FeedSubscribe to Academic Calendar in Google Calendar
Academic Assistance CenterStudy sessions, drop-in labs, and other open study events Download the Academic Assistance iCal FeedSubscribe to Academic Assistance in Google Calendar
All PLU EventsContains All campus events that are published to the PLU Home PageDownload the All PLU Events iCal FeedSubscribe to All PLU Events in Google Calendar
Annual Institutional EventsAnnual traditions that frame campus life. All campus and community are encouraged to attend and support.Download the Annual Institutional Events iCal FeedSubscribe to Annual Institutional Events in Google Calendar
Arts CalendarView a curated list of arts events taking place on campus.Download the Arts Calendar iCal FeedSubscribe to Arts Calendar in Google Calendar
Art & DesignView upcoming gallery exhibitions, artist workshops, open model sessions and artist receptions.Download the Art & Design iCal FeedSubscribe to Art & Design in Google Calendar
AthleticsFootball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Track & Field, SwimmingDownload the Athletics iCal FeedSubscribe to Athletics in Google Calendar
Conferences & CampsWorkshops, overnight conferences, and youth camps sponsored by community partners. Campus and general public are invited to register.Download the Conferences & Camps iCal FeedSubscribe to Conferences & Camps in Google Calendar
Communication & TheatreView the Department of Communication and Theatre’s upcoming theatre season, new documentary premieres by MediaLab, community debate events and special lectures.Download the Communication & Theatre iCal FeedSubscribe to Communication & Theatre in Google Calendar
Community Engagement & ServiceView service opportunities and events for students, employees, and community partners.Download the Community Engagement & Service iCal FeedSubscribe to Community Engagement & Service in Google Calendar
Commuter StudentsPrograms and workshops hosted by The CAVE community for first and second year commuter students, and The Kreidler Lounge Community for Junior, Senior, Transfer, Veteran, and Commuter students.Download the Commuter Students iCal FeedSubscribe to Commuter Students in Google Calendar
Diversity CenterPrograms, retreats, workshops, and lectures hosted and sponsored by The Diversity Center engage the PLU community in dialogue, critical reflection, and perspective taking to enhance equity, agency, and action.Download the Diversity Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Diversity Center in Google Calendar
Event SpotlightCurated calendar containing the best of what's going on around campusDownload the LuteCal iCal FeedSubscribe to LuteCal in Google Calendar
Human Resources Holiday ScheduleSchedule of university holidays for the fiscal yearDownload the Human Resources Holiday Schedule iCal FeedSubscribe to Human Resources Holiday Schedule in Google Calendar
Recreation SportsGames, tournaments, and events of student recreation teamsDownload the Recreations (Intramurals) iCal FeedSubscribe to Recreations (Intramurals) in Google Calendar
Learning is ForeverLearning Is ForEver (LIFE) offers educational classes taught by faculty and community members, aimed at active adults and retirees with a desire to be lifelong learners. PLU students, staff and faculty are invited to attend as our guests.Download the Learning is Forever iCal FeedSubscribe to Learning is Forever in Google Calendar
MaintenancePlanned care for space and buildingsDownload the Maintenance iCal FeedSubscribe to Maintenance in Google Calendar
Meant to LiveEvents sponsored by Wild Hope Center for VocationDownload the Meant to Live iCal FeedSubscribe to Meant to Live in Google Calendar
MeetingsView small to large meeting-style events on and off-campusDownload the Meetings iCal FeedSubscribe to Meetings in Google Calendar
MusicConcerts and workshops by the Department of Music including: piano, organ, choral, opera, orchestra, band, jazz and more!Download the Music iCal FeedSubscribe to Music in Google Calendar
RegistrarHave easy access to important academic dates and deadlines, see holidays, and campus closure informationDownload the Registrar iCal FeedSubscribe to Registrar in Google Calendar
School of Arts & Communication (SOAC)PLU’s School of Arts and Communication produces more than 200 events a year, including: documentary premieres, art gallery exhibitions, musical performances, and theatrical productions. Subscribe to this calendar to learn about them all!Download the School of Arts & Communication (SOAC) iCal FeedSubscribe to School of Arts & Communication (SOAC) in Google Calendar
Student Clubs & OrgsA calendar for all PLU recognized clubs and organizations to share their meetings and events.Download the Student Clubs & Orgs iCal FeedSubscribe to Student Clubs & Orgs in Google Calendar

Feedback + Questions

Have a question or any suggestions for how we can improve this service? We'd love to hear about it! Want to request a calendar? Let us know here! You can also contact us at campuscalendar@plu.edu. You can also contact Events at PLU by calling 253-535-7450

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