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Full List of 25Live Calendars

Here you’ll find all the 25Live calendars that are available for you to download or subscribe to. Use the search function to find the specific calendar you’re looking for. Check out the FAQ if you have any questions or you can get in touch with us by submitting feedback and suggestions here.

Calendar NameDescriptionDownloadSubscribe
Academic AdvisingDownload the Academic Advising iCal FeedSubscribe to Academic Advising in Google Calendar
Academic AssistanceDownload the Academic Assistance iCal FeedSubscribe to Academic Assistance in Google Calendar
Academic CalendarView important academic dates for the school yearDownload the Academic Calendar iCal FeedSubscribe to Academic Calendar in Google Calendar
AccessDownload the Access iCal FeedSubscribe to Access in Google Calendar
Admin Staff Council (ASC)Download the Admin Staff Council (ASC) iCal FeedSubscribe to Admin Staff Council (ASC) in Google Calendar
Admission EventsDownload the Admission Events iCal FeedSubscribe to Admission Events in Google Calendar
AdmissionDownload the Admissions iCal FeedSubscribe to Admissions in Google Calendar
All PLU EventsContains All campus events that are published to the PLU Home PageDownload the All PLU Events iCal FeedSubscribe to All PLU Events in Google Calendar
AlumniDownload the Alumni iCal FeedSubscribe to Alumni in Google Calendar
Annual Institutional EventsAnnual traditions that frame campus life. All campus and community are encouraged to attend and support.Download the Annual Institutional Events iCal FeedSubscribe to Annual Institutional Events in Google Calendar
AnthropologyDownload the Anthropology iCal FeedSubscribe to Anthropology in Google Calendar
ArchivesDownload the Archives iCal FeedSubscribe to Archives in Google Calendar
Arts CalendarView a curated list of arts events taking place on campus.Download the Arts Calendar iCal FeedSubscribe to Arts Calendar in Google Calendar
Art & DesignView upcoming gallery exhibitions, artist workshops, open model sessions and artist receptions.Download the Art & Design iCal FeedSubscribe to Art & Design in Google Calendar
ASPLUDownload the ASPLU iCal FeedSubscribe to ASPLU in Google Calendar
AthleticsFootball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Track & Field, SwimmingDownload the Athletics iCal FeedSubscribe to Athletics in Google Calendar
AuxiliaryDownload the Auxiliary iCal FeedSubscribe to Auxiliary in Google Calendar
Banner MobileDownload the Banner Mobile iCal FeedSubscribe to Banner Mobile in Google Calendar
BiologyDownload the Biology iCal FeedSubscribe to Biology in Google Calendar
School of BusinessDownload the School of Business iCal FeedSubscribe to School of Business in Google Calendar
Business OfficeDownload the Business Office iCal FeedSubscribe to Business Office in Google Calendar
Campus MinistryDownload the Campus Ministry iCal FeedSubscribe to Campus Ministry in Google Calendar
Campus SafetyDownload the Campus Safety iCal FeedSubscribe to Campus Safety in Google Calendar
Career ConnectionsDownload the Career Connections iCal FeedSubscribe to Career Connections in Google Calendar
Chinese StudiesDownload the Chinese Studies iCal FeedSubscribe to Chinese Studies in Google Calendar
Communication & TheatreView the Department of Communication and Theatre’s upcoming theatre season, new documentary premieres by MediaLab, community debate events and special lectures.Download the Communication & Theatre iCal FeedSubscribe to Communication & Theatre in Google Calendar
Commuter StudentsPrograms and workshops hosted by The CAVE community for first and second year commuter students, and The Kreidler Lounge Community for Junior, Senior, Transfer, Veteran, and Commuter students.Download the Commuter Students iCal FeedSubscribe to Commuter Students in Google Calendar
Computer Science & Computer Engineeringcsce? listed belowDownload the Computer Science & Computer Engineering iCal FeedSubscribe to Computer Science & Computer Engineering in Google Calendar
Conferences & CampsDownload the Conferences & Camps iCal FeedSubscribe to Conferences & Camps in Google Calendar
ConferencesDownload the Conferences iCal FeedSubscribe to Conferences in Google Calendar
CongregationsDownload the Congregations iCal FeedSubscribe to Congregations in Google Calendar
Continuing NursingDownload the Continuing Nursing iCal FeedSubscribe to Continuing Nursing in Google Calendar
CounselingDownload the Counseling iCal FeedSubscribe to Counseling in Google Calendar
Choir of the West - ChristmasDownload the Choir of the West - Christmas iCal FeedSubscribe to Choir of the West - Christmas in Google Calendar
CSCEDownload the CSCE iCal FeedSubscribe to CSCE in Google Calendar
Development (Advancement)Advancement uses old development feedDownload the Advancement (Development) iCal FeedSubscribe to Advancement (Development) in Google Calendar
Disability SupportDownload the Disability Support iCal FeedSubscribe to Disability Support in Google Calendar
Diversity CenterPrograms, retreats, workshops, and lectures hosted and sponsored by The Diversity Center engage the PLU community in dialogue, critical reflection, and perspective taking to enhance equity, agency, and action.Download the Diversity Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Diversity Center in Google Calendar
Diversity @ PLUDownload the Diversity @ PLU iCal FeedSubscribe to Diversity @ PLU in Google Calendar
EconomicsDownload the Economics iCal FeedSubscribe to Economics in Google Calendar
Education MattersThis is now a blog page on the Education websiteDownload the Blog Now (Education Matters) iCal FeedSubscribe to Blog Now (Education Matters) in Google Calendar
EmergencyDownload the Emergency iCal FeedSubscribe to Emergency in Google Calendar
EnglishDownload the English iCal FeedSubscribe to English in Google Calendar
Environmental StudiesDownload the Environmental Studies iCal FeedSubscribe to Environmental Studies in Google Calendar
EventsDownload the Events iCal FeedSubscribe to Events in Google Calendar
Facilities ManagementDownload the Facilities Management iCal FeedSubscribe to Facilities Management in Google Calendar
Faculty GovernanceDownload the Faculty Governance iCal FeedSubscribe to Faculty Governance in Google Calendar
Finance & AdministrationDownload the Finance & Administration (Finance & Operations) iCal FeedSubscribe to Finance & Administration (Finance & Operations) in Google Calendar
Financial AidDownload the Financial Aid iCal FeedSubscribe to Financial Aid in Google Calendar
First Year ExperienceDownload the First Year Experience iCal FeedSubscribe to First Year Experience in Google Calendar
Garfield Book CompanyDownload the Garfield Book Company iCal FeedSubscribe to Garfield Book Company in Google Calendar
GeosciencesDownload the Geosciences iCal FeedSubscribe to Geosciences in Google Calendar
Global StudiesDownload the Global Studies iCal FeedSubscribe to Global Studies in Google Calendar
Health CenterDownload the Health Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Health Center in Google Calendar
HistoryDownload the History iCal FeedSubscribe to History in Google Calendar
Holocaust & Genocide StudiesDownload the Holocaust & Genocide Studies iCal FeedSubscribe to Holocaust & Genocide Studies in Google Calendar
Human ResourcesDownload the Human Resources iCal FeedSubscribe to Human Resources in Google Calendar
HumanitiesDownload the Humanities iCal FeedSubscribe to Humanities in Google Calendar
International Honors (IHON)Download the International Honors (IHON) iCal FeedSubscribe to International Honors (IHON) in Google Calendar
Important DatesDownload the Important Dates iCal FeedSubscribe to Important Dates in Google Calendar
Institutional ResearchDownload the Institutional Research iCal FeedSubscribe to Institutional Research in Google Calendar
InternshipsDownload the Internships iCal FeedSubscribe to Internships in Google Calendar
International Student ServicesDownload the International Student Services iCal FeedSubscribe to International Student Services in Google Calendar
IntramuralsIt's called Recreational Sports now, /recreationsDownload the Recreations (Intramurals) iCal FeedSubscribe to Recreations (Intramurals) in Google Calendar
I&TSDownload the I&TS iCal FeedSubscribe to I&TS in Google Calendar
LanguagesDownload the Languages iCal FeedSubscribe to Languages in Google Calendar
Learning is ForeverLife Road Scholar is the new nameDownload the Learning is Forever iCal FeedSubscribe to Learning is Forever in Google Calendar
LecturesDownload the Lectures iCal FeedSubscribe to Lectures in Google Calendar
Language Resource CenterDownload the Language Resource Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Language Resource Center in Google Calendar
LuteCalCurated calendar containing the best of what's going on around campusDownload the LuteCal iCal FeedSubscribe to LuteCal in Google Calendar
LuteCardDownload the LuteCard iCal FeedSubscribe to LuteCard in Google Calendar
LuteFitThis site was supposed to be discontinued accordian to Ross McLeod
Download the LuteFit iCal FeedSubscribe to LuteFit in Google Calendar
MaintenanceThis site was supposed to be discontinued accordian to Ross McLeod
Download the Maintenance iCal FeedSubscribe to Maintenance in Google Calendar
Masters of Science NursingDownload the Masters of Science Nursing iCal FeedSubscribe to Masters of Science Nursing in Google Calendar
Mathematicsseminar schedule is on an old community~ siteDownload the Mathematics iCal FeedSubscribe to Mathematics in Google Calendar
Masters of Business AdministrationDownload the Masters of Business Administration iCal FeedSubscribe to Masters of Business Administration in Google Calendar
Meant to LiveIn the Wild Hope/Vocation site. Looks like they might use it sometimesDownload the Meant to Live iCal FeedSubscribe to Meant to Live in Google Calendar
MeetingsDownload the Meetings iCal FeedSubscribe to Meetings in Google Calendar
Men Against ViolenceIn the Women's Center site.Download the Men Against Violence iCal FeedSubscribe to Men Against Violence in Google Calendar
Master of Finance AdministrationDownload the Master of Finance Administration iCal FeedSubscribe to Master of Finance Administration in Google Calendar
Movement StudiesIn the Kinesiology siteDownload the Kinesiology (Movement Studies) iCal FeedSubscribe to Kinesiology (Movement Studies) in Google Calendar
Masters of Science in FinanceDownload the Masters of Science in Finance iCal FeedSubscribe to Masters of Science in Finance in Google Calendar
MusicConcerts and workshops by the Department of Music including: piano, organ, choral, opera, orchestra, band, jazz and more!Download the Music iCal FeedSubscribe to Music in Google Calendar
New Faculty OrientationDownload the New Faculty Orientation iCal FeedSubscribe to New Faculty Orientation in Google Calendar
New Student OrientationDownload the New Student Orientation iCal FeedSubscribe to New Student Orientation in Google Calendar
Natural SciencesDownload the Natural Sciences iCal FeedSubscribe to Natural Sciences in Google Calendar
NursingDownload the Nursing iCal FeedSubscribe to Nursing in Google Calendar
ParentsDownload the Parents iCal FeedSubscribe to Parents in Google Calendar
PhilosophyDownload the Philosophy iCal FeedSubscribe to Philosophy in Google Calendar
PhysicsDownload the Physics iCal FeedSubscribe to Physics in Google Calendar
PLU Home PageThis is currently not in useDownload the PLU Home Page iCal FeedSubscribe to PLU Home Page in Google Calendar
PLU 2020IssuuDownload the PLU 2020 iCal FeedSubscribe to PLU 2020 in Google Calendar
Political ScienceDownload the Politics & Government (Political Science) iCal FeedSubscribe to Politics & Government (Political Science) in Google Calendar
PresidentDownload the President iCal FeedSubscribe to President in Google Calendar
PsychologyDownload the Psychology iCal FeedSubscribe to Psychology in Google Calendar
Community Engagement & ServiceDownload the Community Engagement & Service iCal FeedSubscribe to Community Engagement & Service in Google Calendar
Ramstad CommonsDownload the Ramstad Commons iCal FeedSubscribe to Ramstad Commons in Google Calendar
RegistrarDownload the Registrar iCal FeedSubscribe to Registrar in Google Calendar
ReligionDownload the Religion iCal FeedSubscribe to Religion in Google Calendar
Residence Hall AssociationDownload the Residence Hall Association iCal FeedSubscribe to Residence Hall Association in Google Calendar
SafetyDownload the Safety iCal FeedSubscribe to Safety in Google Calendar
Scandinavian Cultural Centerusing imbedded PDFDownload the Scandinavian Cultural Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Scandinavian Cultural Center in Google Calendar
Scandinavian StudiesDownload the Scandinavian Studies iCal FeedSubscribe to Scandinavian Studies in Google Calendar
School of EducationDownload the School of Education iCal FeedSubscribe to School of Education in Google Calendar
Science FairDownload the Science Fair iCal FeedSubscribe to Science Fair in Google Calendar
School of Arts & Communication (SOAC)PLU’s School of Arts and Communication produces more than 200 events a year, including: documentary premieres, art gallery exhibitions, musical performances, and theatrical productions. Subscribe to this calendar to learn about them all!Download the School of Arts & Communication (SOAC) iCal FeedSubscribe to School of Arts & Communication (SOAC) in Google Calendar
Social SciencesDownload the Social Sciences iCal FeedSubscribe to Social Sciences in Google Calendar
Sociology & Social WorkThis site is no more, now they are separateDownload the Sociology & Social Work (Separate Now) iCal FeedSubscribe to Sociology & Social Work (Separate Now) in Google Calendar
Special EventsDownload the Special Events iCal FeedSubscribe to Special Events in Google Calendar
Student EmploymentDownload the Student Employment iCal FeedSubscribe to Student Employment in Google Calendar
Student EventsDownload the Student Events iCal FeedSubscribe to Student Events in Google Calendar
Student InvolvementDownload the Student Involvement iCal FeedSubscribe to Student Involvement in Google Calendar
Student LifeDownload the Student Life iCal FeedSubscribe to Student Life in Google Calendar
Student ServicesThey use the Registrar calendar on their siteDownload the Student Services iCal FeedSubscribe to Student Services in Google Calendar
Study AwayDownload the Study Away iCal FeedSubscribe to Study Away in Google Calendar
Suicide PreventionDownload the Suicide Prevention iCal FeedSubscribe to Suicide Prevention in Google Calendar
SustainabilityDownload the Sustainability iCal FeedSubscribe to Sustainability in Google Calendar
Tobacco FreeDownload the Tobacco Free iCal FeedSubscribe to Tobacco Free in Google Calendar
University CommunicationsDownload the University Communications iCal FeedSubscribe to University Communications in Google Calendar
Voices Against ViolenceDownload the Voices Against Violence iCal FeedSubscribe to Voices Against Violence in Google Calendar
Volunteer Center/service again? The use PDF'sDownload the Volunteer Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Volunteer Center in Google Calendar
Wang CenterDownload the Wang Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Wang Center in Google Calendar
Wild HopeDownload the Wild Hope iCal FeedSubscribe to Wild Hope in Google Calendar
Women's StudiesDownload the Womens Studies iCal FeedSubscribe to Womens Studies in Google Calendar
Women's CenterDownload the Womens Center iCal FeedSubscribe to Womens Center in Google Calendar