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Living In A Multi-Faith Community

All faith-based clubs and organizations on campus are approved annually by the Campus Ministry Council, a group of student leaders, the University Pastor, the Vice President of Student Life, and several faculty members. Multiple expressions of Christianity and expressions of other religious backgrounds are present at PLU, and all have an opportunity to coexist, work together and share our faith with one another in a positive environment.

Current Faith-Based Student Clubs at PLU

Current faith-based student clubs are listed below. For information about starting a new faith-based club, please contact Clubs & Organizations.

AbsoLUTE: Christian Fellowship

Tuesdays from 4 to 5pm in Xavier 250

The purpose of AbsoLUTE: Christian Fellowship is to glorify God and serve the PLU community through the study of God’s Word.  We offer a place for fellowship and an encouraging environment to learn about the Bible.  Everyone is welcome!

Student leader: Abbie Welch
Advisor: Sarah Daggett, Registrar’s Office


Mass held 2nd Sunday of the month, Ness Family Chapel, 5-6pm.

Club gathering every other Thursday in the Stuen First Floor Lounge from 6 pm to 7 pm.

  • Student leaders: Raven Lirio, Marie Rodrigues
  • Advisors: Julian Franco, Brandon Bruan, Admission


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Thursdays 9:00-9:45pm, back room Columbia Center

The purpose of FCA is to provide a deeper understanding of Christ and the relationship Christ plays in athletics.

  • Student leaders: Hailey Marsh, Tim Gauthier, Mackenzie Cooper, Kasey Johnson, Lauren Wilson and Jordan Sherfey
  • Advisor: Spencer Crace, Athletics


Thursdays 6-7 pm, 2nd floor Ordal lounge

Ignite is dedicated to the spiritual well-being and enrichment of students by offering knowledge of the Holy Bible, fellowship, prayer, and worship. Our goal is to become a club where students can learn about spirituality and what kind of spirituality Christianity offers.

  • Club Leaders: Darek Solomon, Isabella Decker
  • Advisor: Sarah Daggett
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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Wednesdays 7pm, Ingram 100

Latter Day Saints Student Association

Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30-11:05, Morken 138

To help students have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience.

Muslim Student Association

Meeting time: Every other Wednesday, 12-1pm

The Muslim Student Association is a student run group for both Muslim and non-Muslims with the purpose of uniting and supporting the Muslim community of PLU, educating the greater PLU community about the Islamic faith and engaging in interfaith dialogue to enable tolerance.

  • Contact:
  • Advisors: Alaa Alshaibani (, Katherine Wiley (

YoungLife  College

Tuesdays 9pm, The Cave

College Young Life is a place to build meaningful friendships and to find fun, genuine community with other students. If you do not know God intimately, Young Life College offers you an opportunity to come and ask questions. And if you do know God, it is a good way to come and deepen your faith. All are welcome!