Campus Safety

The Campus Safety department is privately run by the University, utilizing professional staff as well as 50-60 student employees who fill various positions within the department. The department director is a contracted position with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. The director is the only commissioned law enforcement officer on the staff. The department oversees the management and enforcement of parking regulations, monitors surveillance cameras, conducts campus patrols and responds to all types of calls for service. The Campus Safety department is the university’s first responders to emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance. This section will provide you with information on our local police and fire agencies as well as information on our various student staff positions entail.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Campus Safety department is to serve the campus community, promote and sustain a safe environment and effectively respond to campus incidents.

Campus Safety is comprised of a team of professional staff members and student employees who work in partnership with the campus community and local first responders on crime prevention, incident response and emergency preparedness.